Sunday, 3 March 2013

Sunday catch up..........

Just a quick post today as I am trying to catch up with all things domestic. I am very easy to distract when it comes to house work - I am not a great fan of spending time cleaning when I can spend time on delicious crafty projects involving yarn, fabric, shiny crochet hooks, knitting needles and pins. Options are endless but always involve fun - oh dear I can feel myself being pulled into craft land but I have promised myself no hint of craftiness until this evening.

The weather today is much milder, brighter and spring like - which is good but the sun streaming through the windows is showing lots of sticky hand prints on my French windows. If I resorted to taking finger prints I am pretty confident that Noah would be the culprit, in fact as I take a tour of my house I can see lots of grandchildren's sticky finger evidence. I really must get my bucket, cloth and hot soapy water out ........ I will feel so much better when I have a lovely clean house.

But before I go as promised a quick spa update - I had a wonderful time with Barbara, we spent the day in fluffy white towelling robes, we were preened and pampered - such fun. Unfortunately I forgot to take photos to share with you, although as we were leaving Shrigley Hall Barbara noticed some tiny snow drops peaking out of the shrubbery - which I managed to snap, so beautiful.

Rubber gloves at the ready, windows, and woodwork here I come.......

Talk soon x


  1. Love those snowdrops, something I don't have in my garden, should rectify that! Lovely blog. Suzanne X

  2. Such pretty snowdrops! I have seem so many lovely pictures of them all over blog land and am really wishing I had some in my garden now.

    Gillian x

  3. Oh! I'd love some snowdrops in my garden! They always make me smile when I discover a little patch of them growing somewhere! :-)

  4. Snowdrops, I love to see them! Thanks for these lovely pictures:)


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