Tuesday, 5 March 2013

52 weeks of happy - 10/52

Another week of happy moments to share with you :-

1. a pot of beautiful daffodils that Pam bought me for my birthday - the mini flowers are perfect........

2. I have finished my second Billie blanket - I love it............

3. shopping for sunglasses with Daisy - we had such fun.............

4. a perfect snow drop - I took the photo as I was leaving Shrigley Hall after a lovely spa day...............

Thank you all so much for continuing to stop by, I have just reached a 1000 views of my profile  - which I am so proud of.

Also a big thank you for taking the time to follow me and like my sweetpea facebook page  - my numbers are growing which is fab.

Talk soon x

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  1. Hi Sue! I've just discovered your lovely blog via your post on Hazel's crochet. I'm glad to have stopped by :) Your blanket is lovely! Elisabeth x


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