Wednesday, 6 March 2013

yarn along - knitted scarf

I am linking in with Ginny for my weekly yarn along post. I can't believe how popular this link is, last week I was number 90 out of 177 yarn alongers - wow such a lot of inspiration on offer, every week I find oodles of projects I want to try.

This week I put my hook down as I had finished my blankets ( more about them soon) and picked up chunky knitting needles. My mother in law had asked me to knit her a grey scarf ages ago and I have finally picked up my needles and started it, in fact last night I knitted more than half. It's an Amy Butler design and is a bit like a cravat  - hard to explain the shape, when it's finished I will photograph it again. It should be knitted in chunky wool which I didn't have in the right colour, so I've experimented a little and knitted it with two strands of grey fluffy yarn. I think it's working out OK.

Reading wise I am back onto crime thrillers, Zero Day is about war hero John Puller he is the top investigator in the US Army’s CID. So when a family with military connections is brutally murdered in a remote area of West Virginia, Puller is called to investigate, and soon suspects the case has wider implications. As the body count rises he teams up with local homicide detective Samantha Cole.........................have I got you hooked?

I have to say my taste in books isn't very sophisticated and I should challenge myself more, but hey whats wrong in indulging myself in some light fiction and escapism - I think I may be a frustrated detective or maybe forensic psychologist.

Well back to my knitting and maybe my book a little later.

If you have time pop over to Kate's blog and check out her amazing sale.

talk soon x

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  1. I really love the yarn, your mother in law will be happy wearing the scarf! Looking forward to the pictures of it when finished!

  2. I like the colour! Grey goes with everything! :-)


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