Monday, 29 April 2013

birthday celebrations.................

I was up bright and early yesterday as I had a birthday brunch to prepare - my baby girl hit 30 - how can my youngest daughter be 30. It only seems five minutes since I was a young working mum with three little girls, Kate was 3, Laura was 1 and Vicky was a new baby, life was very hectic but full of reward. Moving on thirty years my life has changed a lot, my daughters have blossomed with busy careers and their very own families and I no longer work in the Health Service  - I am now a stay at home Nana, but I have to say life is still hectic but just different.

Wow that makes me feel old I had better get on with the birthday celebrations. I decided on brunch because it's easier with a big crowd and we can all chip in together toasting crumpets, teacakes, welsh cakes and potato cakes and warming lovely buttery croissants  - yummy.
Then we had bucks fizz and birthday cake and of course lots of other tasty goodies. I had great fun attaching marshmallows to straws and dipping them in melted chocolate - I got the idea here 
We all had such fun but I am definitely in need of a rest day today soon x


  1. Where did the time go? Looks like a beautiful party.

  2. Oh that all looks so pretty... and yummy!

  3. Looks fab - and how wonderful that you all get together to celebrate. My eldest is 19 and it always makes me feel very old when I say to colleagues with babies 'it flies by' - but it's so true! The thing is they seem to have grown up but I don't feel any older (I certainly look it though!)Love the marshmallow idea x Jane

  4. Wow!! Maybe you should cater as your next career! Everything looks so delicious and professional, so nice that you enjoyed the time with your family together. I love that marshmallow in the pink chocolate ... very effective in a 'bouquet' ... and the birthday cake looks lovely! Enjoy putting your feet up now that the party is wrapped up. Wendy ;)

  5. My baby is fast approaching the big 30 too. Thanks for the birthday ideas, love the bunting hangers.

    J xx

  6. Such pretty pictures....your food all looks so delicious!
    Helen x

  7. What a beautiful brunch. I'm sure she loved it. You did a lovely job with everything.

  8. Beautiful spread, birthday brunch, what a good idea. Lovely cake :) xx

  9. Hello Sue

    That all looks so yummy...beautiful birthday cake..... a shame to eat....well nearly!! LOL!
    What a good idea to have a brunch so different.
    I know just how you feel time just whizzes by daughter is now 40....yikes I say how did that happen so quick...but at least I have a 12 year old grand-daughter to enjoy :-)
    Love the crochet jar covers too!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  10. Wow looks great. What a beautiful birthday cake :)

  11. What a lovely little party! The food looks gorgeous.
    M x

  12. Congratulations Sue - and what a lovely 'spread' you prepared! Family celebrations are wonderful and to be relished, which I'm sure you all did!
    Joy x

  13. everything is so beautiful........brava Sue!!!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  14. Doesn't time fly! My youngest turned 25 this year and I can't believe it either!

  15. Sounds like a lovely birthday celebration! My baby is 26 and my eldest is 35 so i know what you mean! Still my 13 year old grandaughter keeps me on my toes!
    Angie x

  16. What a lovely way to spend a special birthday! I love the idea of brunch. For my 40th the other week my mum prepared a huge breakfast for us all! Your photos are beautiful!
    BH x

  17. what a lovely post, hope you had a lovely celebration ....
    Off to surprise my daughter on her 23rd birthday tomorrow, time passes in a flash


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