Tuesday, 18 June 2013

52 weeks of happy - 25/52

Another week and another link up with Jen and four new happy images to share with you................

1. my weekly coffee with Barbara - medium skinny cappuccino just perfect.

2. some new yarn - I just adore Drops Lima it's a wool and alpaca mix - so soft and snuggly.

3. the most scrummy blueberry muffin with cream cheese frosting.

4. Peonies about to bloom - my favourite garden flower.

another week of lovely happy moments - I hope you have some to share too.....................

talk soon x


  1. Oh lovely happy Sue - and your yarn colours are pretty gorgeous too, so what delightful project do you have up your sleeve for this?
    Joy x

  2. Yummy looking cupcakes right there! Look at all that cream cheese :)

  3. Yum, yum, yum and yum! It all looks scrumptious! I must try out that yarn, and I wish I could be gobbling that cake right now! Chrissie x

  4. What lovely happies, and great pics... I could go one of those cupcakes right now with a wee cuppa cappucino too :-)
    Happy Tuesday, Sue

  5. All very enjoyable, especially that cake. The yarn looks great, I'm looking forward to see what you're going to make with it. Love peonies, definitely one of my faves. Xo

  6. Great happies and gorgeous new yarn.
    M x

  7. Wonderful happiness ... love peonies and that yarn looks wonderful, am trying not to look at the muffin as I will want one... have to be good ~ Sarah x

  8. Oh that cream cheese frosting looks yummy! I am very jealous of your afternoon tea too. I'm back in the UK soon and will be bringing some scones back to California with me in my suitcase x

  9. Happy happies! :-)
    That frosting is hust begging to be licked right of the top of that cupcake! :-)

  10. Lovely happy photos. Hope the peonies go 'POP' soon x

  11. It's good to celebrate the good moments. So restrained with that cup cake, I think I would have eaten it and then thought I should have taken a photo. Somehow a photo of a crumpled paper cake case and a few crumbs just doesn't have the same effect. Love the colours of the wool.

    S xx

  12. Lovely many happy things to enjoy!
    Helen x


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