Sunday, 9 June 2013

all finished ....................

I have finished my blanket all but the blocking - not my favourite part of the process but always well worth doing. I couldn't wait to show it to you so a pre-blocking preview...................

I'm pleased with the edging - even before it's blocked...............
lovely and snuggley..............
I have made the granny blanket for someone - so keep it a secret................. although it's so hard to part with a crochet blanket.

I have quite a few oddments of yarn over so have started to make some matching bunting - what do you think.................

making bunting in the sunny garden is fun.........................
The bunting pattern I have used is one of Lucy's it's quite straight forward and as usual has a great tutorial to help with any problems, and some tips for blocking too......................

I hope you have a fun Sunday - I'm going out for lunch today so had better get my skates on...................

talk soon x


  1. FAB blanket, I have been pondering this morning how to make a blanket for a baby boy that won't be too frilly and this is it. Thanks for the inspiration. I am on hexagons at the moment. See here

  2. Sue

    I love the colours of your blanket, it looks lovely. I bet you are pleased it is finished too. I wish mine was, but alas I have been neglecting it of late.

  3. It's so lovely! The colours are gorgeous and the design really beautiful. What a lucky recipient! x

  4. Well done Sue - the blanket is great, as is the bunting - the colours really stand out! Mission accomplished - someone is going to love this!
    I hope you had a great lunch!
    Joy x

  5. THe colours are soooo lovely, it looks great.

    I keep seeing "blocking" being written about, what does it mean?? obviously some finishing technique but I am in the dark as to what it means

    1. Blocking makes your work look much neater, stitches are more defined and the shape is improved. It can be done in many different ways, I spray water over my finished work and then pull it gently into shape, pinning it as I go along. I leave it to dry on top of a thick layer of towels on my kitchen table, some people have special padded boards or waterproof foam. I have found this clip on youtube that will show you what I mean

      Sue x

  6. Oh, your blankie is gorgeous! And a great idea to use up the leftovers for pretty bunting too :-)
    Happy Sunday, there's nothing quite like a Sunday lunch..especially when it's cooked by someone else!
    and have a good week,

  7. It's beautiful. I love the soft yellow in it with the brighter blue. Your bunting flag is really nice too.

  8. Gorgeous blanket!! Love the colours, uou must be so chuffed. Really loving that bunting xo

  9. Gorgeous blanket.........I love the colours and the way they work together. The bunting is looking lovely too.
    Helen x

  10. Lovely blanket! The sc border gives it a wonderful frame

  11. What a pretty blanket. I do love your bunting I really enjoy making it x

  12. Your crochet is a tour de force. Your hook must be a blur when you are working.:-)
    Finishing is a bit bitter sweet BUT there is always the next project beckoning, that is what gets us up and going.

  13. Gorgeous blanket - what a thoughtful gift! Skates? Are you skating to lunch? I hope so - I'm a rollerblader - well until that one time I fell. ;-)

  14. The blanket is gorgeous!! Such nice rich colours. I would hate to part with it too, but I'm sure the recipient will love that coziness :) Wendy

  15. I love the colours you've used - a lovely blanket! And the matching bunting is really pretty too. Hard to part with, yes, but I'm sure the recipient will cherish it!
    Angie x

  16. gorgeous blanket for a lucky someone! thanks so much for sharing on craft schooling sunday!

  17. you blanket is lovely!!! I adore the pattern, haven't made one like that before.. Emily @ Nap-Time Creations
    Oh and just to let you know I've got a Photobook giveaway from Smilebooks going on this week. Three winners will each get a free photobook valued up to $300 each!! Come on over... low entries!

  18. It looks so pretty and colorful. You have done a great work.


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