Monday, 10 June 2013

I want to live in this house................

I called into John Lewis today and fell in love with an amazing Orla Kiely display - what do you think, shall we all move in?

 and then I fell in love with lots of matching accessories...............

 nothing wrong with dreaming.....................

talk soon x


  1. Wow! Yes, I think I'd like to move right in. That looks like a wonderful display and I've heard a lot of good things about the store.

  2. Very retro. Reminds me of the style of my dream home for my Sindy doll, back in the day. That wallpaper is fab.

    S xx

    1. I adored my Sindy doll much better than Barbie, I'm trying to remember what Sindy's sister was called as I had a little family. My mum used to knit me amazing outfits x

  3. I do love the bold colours and patterns. I like to dream too usually in Laura Ashley or Cath kidston x

  4. Oh best avoid John Lewis until my piggy bank is a little fuller .... this is so gorgeous :)

  5. Oh what stunning colour - children would love it too and would soon learn to distinguish the different colours in a hap-hap-happy cheerful way!
    Joy x

  6. oh my I soo love Orla fact I'd like to be her! how is it so timeless and appealing however many times you see her designs? I do have a OK mug...building up to buying the rest! Emmax

  7. Oh my goodness!!! The colours are amazing!!! Can I live there too???
    Just wow!!!

  8. I love Orla Kiely. How is the backdrop. Imagine that in a room. You'd just want to smile each time you saw it.

  9. Oh yes let's do! t's a good thing I can't get into these shops as we would be penniless. Loving all the orla kitchenware. Xo

  10. Can I come too? Orla Kiely has yet to design something that I don't like! x


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