Sunday, 30 June 2013

mini trip to london.............

I spent a few days with Kate last week and took my mum with me for a little mini break. We both had a fun time in London and it was so lovely catching up with Kate and Jake - I miss them so much and wish they lived a little bit closer.

I had the perfect job of taking Jake to nursery in the mornings, which is usually Sebs job but he was away on a business trip. Jake is so chatty and he would talk and sing all the way to nursery, it's lovely that he is so happy each morning. I didn't want to break his routine but it was nice to take him in a little bit late in the morning and where possible collect him early

on our way to nursery..................................
The day before I came home Jake came out in a few spots and then by the following morning he was covered in Chicken Pox, poor little man but he has coped very well.

A few months ago I taught Kate how to crochet and she picked it up very quickly - her fist granny square was beautiful .................

Kate's first ever granny square...............
Kate has continued to crochet and being Kate she does nothing by half and is on her way to finishing her first blanket - she has made 105 little squares so far.............

all perfect......................
lovely colours...............
more lovely yarn to finish off the blanket...................

My mum taught me how to crochet so it was quite special having three generations of women enjoying the simple art of crochet together.

We enjoyed our little holiday and managed to fit in some shopping as well as building duplo towers with Jake but time went quickly and it was soon time to get the train home. I am looking forward to August as Kate and Seb are bringing Jake to spend some time with me - can't wait and Jake will have such fun playing with his cousins.

Talk soon x


  1. Hiya, Jake is gorgeous. Thanks so much for visiting me. Juliex

  2. What a cute little chap, I hope he's soon over those nasty chickenpox spots x

  3. Some lovely crochet going on there, the colours are lovely. Glad to you had a good trip to London. I'm planning another trip home soon. Take care. Chel x

  4. Aw so cute! poor thing hope he feels better soon. Looks like you had a lovely time. I really enjoyed that crochet workshop book I borrowed it from my neighbour a few weeks ago and found it really useful x

  5. What a lovely little fella is Jake, such blonde blonde hair and gorgeous smile. How nice that you've taught someone else to crochet, such a great skill to pass on to someone else, an easy craft that can be picked up in a few spare minutes.
    Anne xx

  6. Poor little Jake. I'm glad he's getting better. It's so nice that you all crochet and that you've learned from each other. Your trip sounds lovely.

  7. Hope he's better soon, such a cutie. Crochet was the one thing my Mom didn't teach me as she never learned herself. Sewing and knitting I learnt from her though it's so nice to pass things down the generations. ~ Sarah x

  8. Hope the chicken poxs are not too bad, he's cutie, loving all the crochet squares too such fab colours. One I reason I wanted to learn to crochet was to continue the tradition of granny blankets as my Great nan and Grandmothers on both side all made them, we have two or three vintage granny blanket around and about the house. Maybe I'll do a vinatge granny blanket post one day. xxx
    Clare xx

  9. Those squares are lovely colours, like you say.

  10. Aw, what a little cutie - hope he's feeling better soon. That sounds like a lovely & special time that you had together.
    And well done to Kate, her squares are fab, love the colours. You'll have to post a pic once the blankie is all done :-)
    Have a happy week,


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