Saturday, 1 February 2014

simple pleasures.................

My plan to be kinder to myself and to listen to my body more has been a little bit forgotten but where possible I am trying not to overload myself with complicated jobs. I love baking and new recipes but I always seem to pick really tricky ones with lots of ingredients and millions of steps. So I have decided that simple is best and have been mixing big bowls of my old faithful sponge batter ( Victoria sponge) and making lots of easy quick and simple goodies.

jam and cream sponge

fondant iced sponge buns
In addition to whisking up sponge cakes, scones are another really easy bake that everyone loves and only take minutes to prepare.

 this post is making me feel hungry but I mustn't raid the cake tins................

talk soon x


  1. Simple pleasures indeed Sue,but mouthwatering, delicious and scrummy pleasures especially with a cuppa.

  2. My life, im moving in with you for all these yummy cakes!!

  3. Your Victoria sandwich looks amazing and I bet it tastes amazing, too. I think I have to bake one tomorrow... C

  4. Looks really yummy :)
    Clare x

  5. Oh my goodness how yummy it all looks. Your scones look amazing, mine never look anything like that, they look more like biscuits than scones.
    Have a good weekend.

  6. All my favourite things, I'm peckish now!

  7. Mm! I would love to come to tea with you!

  8. How do you bake and not go int he cake tin??? Impossible... Love Jo xx

  9. Your scones are really tall - amazing! - you should enter them into a competition! All the rest looks lovely too. xx

  10. They all look great. I've made a fruit tea loaf this afternoon. Perfect baking weather. Enjoy the rest if your weekend. X

  11. The thrill of the new and of learning something is sometimes a bit of a treadmill we need to step off. It is good to go back to doing things we do well, that can be shared and where we can relax doing it as our hands and brains can almost do the task themselves. Your cakes and bakes look lovely and I am sure were very well received. I'd also bet money that not one asked why you hadn't challenged yourself a bit more or done something they'd never tasted!!!

  12. I can almost smell those scones. Will done.
    S xx

  13. That Victoria Sandwich looks absolutely super - it's making my tummy rumble. Sometimes traditional, simple and standard is best! x

  14. Simple pleasures indeed - I find the simplest baking, you know the kind, wooden spoon and bowl, the most satisfying of all. Your bakes are comfort and love all in one tin! Chrissie x

  15. And what can I say to all this scrumptiousness but a simple YUM!!!! Thanks goodness one does not put on kilos via images because this post would make me 10 kilos fatter for sure!!!

    keep well

    Amanda x

  16. These look so yummy Sue. Enjoy each scrummy mouthful x

  17. Ooh, your home would be full of those wonderful baking smells Sue......
    Never made a Victoria sponge, but it looks delish. Have to say I am a fan of the humble
    scone and a cuppa........

    CLaire :)

  18. What lovely, scrummy bakes! Enjoy!
    Marion x

  19. Yumptious! I can almost smell every single one. Have a lovely week.
    Jane xx

  20. Soo delicious!! I love basic baking recipes too, and sponge cakes and scones are some of my favourites. These look really yummy!
    Keep cosy.
    Helen xx

  21. Ooo looks so scrummy! Scones are one of my favorites x

  22. Hi, I love baking too. Your cakes look amazing. Do you remember where you bought your chocolate stars? I'd love some for my cakes.

    1. Hi Sally glad you liked the cakes - the stars were some I bought over Christmas and they were Galaxy chocolate hearts in quite a big bag. I think they will be seasonal I wish I had stocked up x


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