Sunday, 26 May 2013

back from my trip.................

I'm back from my lovely trip - I have missed my daily chats with you all and can't believe it's more than a week since I last blogged, I am starting to have withdrawal symptoms.

Portugal has been such a lovely relaxing break and I've had lots of fun with my friend Barbara, who is such a fabulous holiday companion. Unfortunately we were a little short on sunshine but luckily not on things to do and the sun did appear for a few days before it was time to fly home.

I have lots to tell you about my holiday and have got a sneaky peak to share with you now......................

a little glimpse of my holiday.....................
but my post today is a great big warm thank you to Linda who just before I went on holiday sent me a lovely parcel of goodies.

Linda had won my giveaway and as a thank you to Daisy (my grandaughter) for picking her name out of the hat, she sent Daisy an adorable crochet hedgehog and oodles of other little treats for us to share together.

Hyacinth is adorable - Daisy loves her..................
so many lovely goodies for me too......................
I am going to have so much fun making things with Daisy, we are going to start with the lovely owl mobile kit.

Linda's blog is lovely and full of inspirational crafty ideas, Linda would love you to pop over for a visit and she is celebrating reaching 200 followers with a special giveaway feature.

Please pop by tomorrow as I have something else to tell you - something I have been desperate to tell you for quite a few weeks (if you look carefully at my blog today you might notice a little clue!)

Hope you have a fantastic sunny Sunday - so glad to be back............

Talk soon x


  1. What a lovely parcel of goodies to receive.... ;-) I'll take a wander over to Linda's blog now.

  2. Welcome back :-) What lovely pics, and what fabulous goodies! I'm looking for those clues...
    Hope you've had a lovely day in the sunshine today and enjoy the BH tomorrow.

  3. It looks as though Portugal looked beautiful as ever! and what a lovely surprise parcel to come back to. Looking forward to reading on what the surprise is! Will visit Linda's blog now. Take care. XX

  4. I think I found the surprise! How cool is that?! Wow. Your vacation sounds lovely and what a beautiful parcel from Linda. She is a very nice lady.

  5. Lovely to have you back Sue! x

  6. I think I know what you surprise is but I won't tell ;) ... glad you had a great holiday ... Bee xx

  7. The photos from your trip looks lovely certainly looks like a beautiful place to visit.
    I'm just off to visit Linda's blog now what a fab treat to receive x

  8. Glad you had a lovely holiday. What a lovely parcel of goodies!
    M x

  9. Portugal looks lovely.
    Anne xx

  10. Welcome back Sue - happy to hear your trip went well - lovely pics!
    And what an exciting parcel of goodies from Linda - I wonder what's coming up next with you! Joy x

  11. Intriguing......looks like the trip was heavenly. Love the hedgehog.

  12. Your pictures look brilliant, and what a fabulous parcel of goodies.

  13. Well all I can see in those photos is blue sky! I hope you had a fabulous time. x


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