Thursday, 16 May 2013

nature in the home.......................

I am loving  Lou's nature in the home posts - I didn't manage to join in last week but did manage to pop over and read all the inspirational posts.

The theme this week is pink so imagine my delight when the wind blew a lovely stem of pink blossom off the tree outside my house - just perfect .................

the blossom is beautiful and has made an adorable floating indoor arrangement.....................

I may not be around much for the next week as I am flying off to Portugal later today - I will try to pop in with some holiday news but not sure I will have have the technology available............

talk soon x


  1. The blossom is perfect. Enjoy Portugal!

  2. I love it when all the blossom starts to blow off the trees, although mine seem to have been massacred by this weather! Have a great holiday.

  3. Beautiful blossom Sue - I really like to have 'floatie' arrangements in the home.
    Enjoy Portugal - looking forward to seeing some pics of your holiday. Joy x

  4. Gorgeous blossom, Sue. Such a vibrant colour! Enjoy your holiday,
    Jones x

  5. What pretty blooms! Have a safe and happy trip away x

  6. What beautiful photos! I love thecolour of that blossom!
    Wishing you happy holidays.....

  7. Gorgeous arrangement and a nice way of using some blossom. Enjoy Portugal! x

  8. So pretty a lovely idea. The pink blossom is so lovely x

  9. Beautiful blossoms! Such a wonderful colour! Happy holidays!

  10. Hope you're having a wonderful holiday :)

  11. Gorgeous - there is nothing quite like cherry blossom - one of my life ambitions is to visit Japan in cherry blossom season ... one has to hope! Love how you floated the blossom heads in a bowl, they last so much better that way, without having to drink through a woody stem (the florist in me comes out from time to time, inspite of not working since I had my kids!). Have a great time in Portugal, we're just about to head up north to 'no so sunny' Leeds!
    Em xx

  12. Gorgeous pics Sue...I do love the blossom at this time of year and just wish it stayed around a little longer!
    Hope you have a fab holiday...our eldest daughter is studying in Portugal and loves it,
    Susan x


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