Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Yarn along - blanket or maybe cushion?

I am joining in with Ginny's yarn along and can't wait to show you my current crochet project. I wanted to make something with my new Drops cotton yarn. I started to make a small blanket and chose a  ripple pattern worked in treble crochets. I have used Lucy's ripple  tutorial which is easy to follow and can be found here. I quickly hit on a problem I hadn't calculated just how much yarn I would need. I had bought ten 50 gram balls of the cotton yarn and thought this would be ample for a small blanket but sadly each ball of yarn only crochets 3 ripples, I have used 5 balls so far and the 15 ripples measure 36cm, the width of the blanket is 54cms.


If I use all 10 balls of yarn it will only measure 72 cm by 36 cm which is a bit small for a blanket it will barely cover my knees. So I have decided to fasten off after the first 15 ripples and then crochet another rectangle to make a cushion. I'm not quite sure how it will look yet but I can always undo the crochet and start again.

I've had a busy week and haven't had very much time to read, my novel is feeling a little neglected but when I have had a few spare minutes I have been dipping into this months edition of The Simple Things and I have really enjoyed the article about Annette Nordstrom. Annette is an interior designer and allows us a peek into her beautiful nineteenth century Norwegian farmhouse - it's  just amazing.

Hopefully my project will work out if not I can always buy some more yarn............

Talk soon x


  1. Oh no. What you have done looks lovely. Great colours. I'm always miscalculating how much yarn I will need. Sure it will turn out lovely as always :)

  2. So nice to see your 'Lucy's' ripple blanket Sue - lovely pastels there; I am busy with my second ripple blanket, also from Lucy, but this time have chosen rainbow colours - do have a look on my blog - see what you think. My first one used more muted colours - and only five - so it's lovely this time to branch out into something quite different.
    I've been enjoying your blog for some time now, a nice variety of subjects and lovely work, thank you for sharing. Joy x

  3. Wow, a ball only does 3 ripples? That could lead to an expensive blanket! Having said that, it does look beautiful. The colours are gorgeous! :o)

  4. Your ripples are lovely, the colours gorgeous.
    Anne xx

  5. It looks beautiful, gorgeous colours and I think a little cushion will be just lovely.
    M x

  6. A blanket would be lovely..... but so would a cushion! The colours are so pretty! :-)

  7. It's so pretty, I'd love to try a ripple at some point. How disappointing with the yarn, but the colours are lovely :) xx

  8. Gulp! One ball = 3 rows? That's a lot of yarn! At least the yarn is very reasonably priced though. Your cushion/blanket is looking lovely - very pretty colours. x

  9. It looks beautiful. I'm working on a cushion cover right now myself; the front is finished and is made up of "circle in a square" flowery squares and now I've started the back, which is going to be granny stripes. I'm looking forward to seeing what you end up making!

  10. Hi, your cushion/blanket is worked so neatly. I started one a few weeks ago but stopped after 8 rows. Something to return to soon. Good luck with it.

    S xx

  11. Crikey, those are some yarn hungry ripples! I'm sure a cushion will be lovely though. Pretty colours :)

  12. Lovely colours - how do you find the Drops cotton yarn to work with? I have used wool-cotton so far which has a bit of stretch in it but there are so many more colours in pure cotton that I am tempted to try it......


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