Monday, 24 June 2013

my garden - a quick update.......................

I promised to show you how my plants looked after I had potted them out into the borders and tubs.
I think they look happy and the recent rain has helped them to get established, I have also added a few photos of my favourite plants that have inhabited the borders for many years.........................

I hope the sun returns so that I can spend some time sitting out and enjoying my garden - fingers crossed as warm summer evenings sipping chilled wine has a nice ring to it...................

talk soon x


  1. Your flowers look wonderful. Such bright colours.

    Leanne xx

  2. A riot of colour. Here's hoping for sunshine. Jo X

  3. Beautiful Sue! your hosta looks healthy, mine had all been eaten by snails :(

  4. So colourful, you have green fingers. I'm still waiting for my plants to spring forth. Plenty of water but not enough sun.
    S xx

  5. Such beautiful blooms Sue - so many of them! I do hope you can enjoy your summery evenings very soon!
    Joy x

  6. What a lot of wonderful, summery coluors! I'll keep my fingers crossed for some more sunshine, so you can enjoy the fruits of all your hard work.....

  7. Your plants look lovely. Fingers crossed for sipping chilled wine in the summer sunshine very soon ! X

  8. Your plants are so gorgeous! Unfortunately, my house is where plants come to die. Hope the sun comes to your house very soon! A lovely day to you..

  9. I so hope we get some of those mythical warm summer evenings soon as well. We seem to have a very similar taste in flowers, I have several of those flowers in my garden as well. They do look lovely don't they.

  10. What a gorgeous collage of beautiful blooms ... just lovely ... Bee xx


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