Monday, 3 June 2013

Sunday pottering.................

I had a very easy day yesterday as I was feeling quite weary. I started with a leisurely breakfast sitting in the garden which was a treat in itself. Mid morning Laura called to see if I wanted to go to the garden centre with her and help choose some plants for her garden. I needed some extra plants for my tubs and hanging baskets, so it was a nice treat to go together..

We went to Mockridges a small independent nursery about ten miles from where we live - they have lovely plants and it’s always worth a trip. The nursery was busy and we only just managed to find a parking space, it was a bit tricky to get around with our wonky trolley but we managed to buy an array of beautiful vibrant plants. Laura was pleased with the flowers she had chosen and I had found plenty to supplement my borders and fill the hanging baskets and tubs. In fact the car was overflowing it's a good job the prices are very reasonable!

By the time I got home I was pretty tired so plants have been put at the bottom of the garden to wait to be potted up -  hopefully an energised me will be ready to plant up tubs and hanging baskets tomorrow (lucky for me Mr R does all the heavy digging work)

Thought I would share some shots of my new plants before they reach their final destination.

 just a few more.....................

Talk soon x


  1. Gorgeous flowers ... will you show us them when they are in their new home? Bee xx

  2. Oh lots of lovely plants. I always enjoy planting and arranging bedding plants x

  3. Oh beautiful plants Sue - I look forward to seeing them planted out and growing and blooming magnificently! Such a nice thing to do with your daughter!
    I do hope you are feeling less tired again soon - you've had a lot going on and sometimes it's just a necessary move to 'take a step back and smell the roses'!
    Joy x

  4. ah there's happiness, lots of new fresh plants to be played with and arranged beautifully in your garden...bliss! Isn't it joyful to be out in our gardens once more! Emmax

  5. What a lot of lovely plants! Now we've seen the 'before' shots, you'll have to show us the 'after' ones too, when the plants are all put in place..... :-)

  6. My idea of the perfect day out. Lovely plants xo


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