Wednesday, 5 June 2013

yarn along - blanket finished and another on the go................

My yarn along post this week is not dissimilar to last week's in as much as blankets are the predominant feature - I have finished the Amalfi cotton granny square blanket - I could have gone round and round for ever but alas the wool ran out. The blanket is a lovely size for a small child to snuggle under and I am fortunate to have an abundance of small grandchildren (lucky me) It's also perfect for throwing over your lap to keep your legs warm or even around your shoulders - I am very pleased with it.

I'm pleased with the double crochet border................
I just love blankets...........................

As I am very much in the mood to keep the rhythm of lovely treble crochets and granny square corners going I have launched straight into another blanket. This time the wool isn't quite as luxurious (stylecraft DK) but it is crocheting beautifully and I am very happy with the colour palette - it's growing rapidly and yet I don't seem to have had very much spare time as half term means lots of grandchildren activities. I've also been using a new bamboo crochet hook - Lis Harvey from FunkyNeedles sent me one to try and it's embellished with a lovely silver crown bead, it's very smooth to use no snagging on the yarn.

I have chosen 6 different colours but I'm not sure they have been captured very well in the photo...................
Reading has mainly been dipping into my Mollie Makes magazine which arrived earlier this week. As usual it's bursting with lovely things to do and it features one of my favourite bloggers - Ingrid van Willenswaard, if you have time check out Ingrid's amazing blog here

I hope if you have time you will pop over and check out Ginny's blog for a peep at the rest of this week's yarn along posts and also Kirsty's blog for some other creative ideas.

Thank you again for your lovely comments, I love reading them all - hope you have a sunny few days as it looks very promising for the rest of the week.

talk soon x


  1. Lovely blanket Sue - great colours, especially for children - keep on hooking and enjoying! Joy x

  2. Lovely even crochet Sue. It has come out a treat. I am knitting and it seems to take forever compared to crocheting so many projects. Jo x

  3. The colours in your blanket are beautiful.
    Anne xx

  4. beautiful blankets! love the jewel tones!

  5. These blankets are so pretty. You're inspiring me to do another giant granny...

  6. Your blanket looks great!

    Love the color choice!


  7. What a lovely blanket lucky grandchildren perfect for them to snuggle in. I really like the colours you've used too lovely colour combination x

  8. Beautiful blankets, love the flash of mustard you put amongst the blues and purples it makes it sing .... sarah x

  9. Very gorgeous blanket, love all the colours! xo

  10. Gorgeous colours in both your blankets, they are really lovely. I have been working on a granny square blanket for what feels like months. Only 8 rounds to go...but it takes so long to do each round now. x

  11. Oh, I love your blanket. Such lovely flower bed colours. The couple of rows of lemon really make it zing.

  12. Hi Sue, thank you so much for putting the picture of your work and my hook on your blog, makes me really proud!! :o) lis from x


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