Tuesday, 9 July 2013

52 weeks of happy - 28/52

Another week and another link up with Jen and four new happy images to share with you..............

borrowed from google images
This week has been a slower more self indulgent week - perfect.........................

  1. happy times drinking Pimms in the garden with my mum and two sisters - we were a bit giddy
  2. so much lovely happy smiley sunshine - still more to come
  3. he won.....................such a fantastic week of tennis
  4. bowls of luscious strawberries - yummy 
what a perfect week of happies - hope you have some happy moments to share.................
talk soon x


  1. These photos capture the week perfectly.
    May the sun continue to shine.
    S xx

  2. lots to celebrate! especially the arrival of summer...I can just taste those strawberries x

  3. This cheered me up thank you Sue - we are having miserably cold weather here these past few days!
    Keep smiling!
    Joy x

  4. Sounds like you had a great week!!


  5. Just perfect. Life doesn't get much better than this. Enjoy this weather xo

  6. Lovely images and happy doings! Wishing you many more happy moments this week! :)

  7. Such a happy week. When I was crying at the end of the tennis, my 3 year old said "didn't you want him to win?" when do children understand the emotional of crying for joy not for sorrow?!! Jo x

  8. I really want to try Pimms. I hear about it so much and it sounds delicious. Lovely happy things, Sue.

  9. Lovely post Sue....just perfect!

  10. A perfect week of summer happiness.
    Clare x

  11. I thought I was going to have to hide behind the sofa during the last game of the tennis - not good for my nerves!!
    We all feel so much better in the sun!

  12. Lovely happies and Andy's win was definitely my highlight of the weekend :-)


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