Tuesday, 23 July 2013

52 weeks of happy - 30/52

I am enjoying another happy week of summer, although we've had some rain this morning which has cooled the air and provided a much needed drink for the garden. ... as usual I am joining in with the lovely Jen for 52 weeks of happy ...........

1. birthday cakes - Daisy loves Hello Kitty

2. birthday giggles - such a sweetie

3. drawing with Finn - just starting with his letters

4. another crochet bag - I love it but must stop now

As you can see I've had quite a few happy things to smile about.

talk soon x


  1. Those cupcakes look good!!

    Gemma x

  2. What a lovely week of happy, it looks like Daisy had a great birthday, the colours of you new bag are so pretty together.
    Clare x

  3. Indeed you do! Lots of happy, smiley things :-)
    Daisy looks so sweet, and delighted with her Hello Kitty cupcakes.
    Happy Tuesday,

  4. Your cupcakes are so cute! And I love that you spend so much time with your grandchildren, it's really wonderful.

  5. Such beautiful happy things, the crochet bag is gorgeous I love the colours ~ Sarah x

  6. Wonderful, happy things!!!

  7. That is one beautiful crochet bag ... I love it ... so pretty ... Bee xx

  8. Love those Hello Kitty cake toppers! My wee girl would love those.
    M x

  9. Loads of happy Jen - a nicely balanced week! Your bag is lovely in the natural colours!
    Joy x

  10. Oh wow, I hope that one day I can crochet as gorgeous as you!! I would love a summer bag like that! So beautiful!!! I'm going to show this photo to my mom, she's teaching me to make flowers on Friday night... I love to crochet, I've only been at it a few days and I'm passionate about it!
    Also, that little photo your daughter drew... awww, never throw it away! I have some like that framed from when my boys were young!
    Tammy xx

  11. I looooooooooooooooooooooooooove your crochet bag!!!
    Kisses from Catalonia!


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