Friday, 23 August 2013

baking with my best boy.....................

It's quite funny calling Alex my best boy, but when he was our only grandson that's what we called him. Alex was the first boy to be born into the family. We are a very female dominated family I have two sisters and three daughters and then we had our first grandson. The trend continued and now I have 5 grandsons and they are all my best boys, of course I have a best girl as well I mustn't forget Daisy May.

Yesterday Alex came to see me I wasn't sure how we would spend our day I thought that maybe we could have a drive out,  but I mentioned baking and he was really keen to make a cake. Alex enjoys cookery programmes and he likes the "Great British Bake Off" which started again on Tuesday. So out came my cookery books, he wasn't sure exactly what he wanted to make but the main criteria was it had to contain chocolate.

We decided on a Mary Berry chocolate tray bake, with chocolate icing and lots of chocolate decorations on top.

Alex had great fun and even though it was hard I stood back and let him do everything himself, just offering assistance when he needed it. The scary time was when he was blending the chocolate and water on the cooker hob, it's the first time I have let him use the cooker, but he was very sensible and stirred slowly.

The cake worked a treat and was grandly decorated with more chocolate than you can imagine. Alex was going to leave a slice for his grandad but when it came to the crunch he couldn't bring himself to cut into his cake until his mum had seen it. Grandad is going to call round for some later today - hope Alex remembers to save him a slice.

I think Alex already has the makings of a professional chef as he made full use of his assistant  - I did all the washing up, tidying away and sweeping the floor etc It's amazing how much mess can be generated from making a simple cake.

We had such a lovely day just chatting about everything, I was helping him bake and Alex was giving me advice about my fantasy football team. I have wanted to join the league for a few years -  so I have taken the plunge and picked myself a team. Alex has set it up so we are in the main Fantasy Football League but also in a private league with just my team and his team. I didn't do very well this week only scored 51 points and the people at the top of the league scored over 200, it's early days though.

I think it's quite cool that I can teach my grandson how to bake and he can teach me the finer details of Fantasy Football and all the transfer deadlines.

talk soon x

PS thank you all so much for your lovely encouraging comments on my last post. As I said yesterday my blog is my simple account of day to day happenings and it's lovely when you pop by. x


  1. What a great time you have both had and what a delicious cake - well done Alex! I agree the hardest part is often standing back and letting them do it themselves!!

  2. I think it is great to stand by and let children have a go - it really grows their confidence. That is a naughty looking cake! Jo x

  3. Your best boy sounds absolutely darling, don't tell him I said that, no young boy wants to be called darling. So glad you had a nice easy day, talking and baking and football, what could be better?

  4. He's so sweet. I love that he enjoys baking. I think that's really wonderful and I'm glad you had such a nice day together. :)

  5. I couldnt imagine a better day than baking with my nana. The cake looks brilliant, he does seem to have a gift for it. ( I am also enjoying the Great British Bake Off !! ) Glad that you had a wonderful day. Hope your weekend goes just as well.

  6. A lovely way to spend the day, and you can never have too much chocolate on a cake! A candidate for Masterchef in the future maybe?

  7. I think it is awesome that you are cooking with your grandson! My boys all know how to cook, and for my oldest son I think it has become one of his ways to relax and unwind from work. I know what you mean about it being hard to stand back and watch. I often felt that way when my kids were young. Actually, I still feel that way sometimes when they are in my kitchen cooking. :-)

  8. What lucky grandchildren you have and how much fun to have help with a fantasy footbal team. You may have to crochet them! I loved the seamstress too... how could you resist a title llike that too! Love kate xxxxx.

  9. Another successful grandma/grandson day with great results - very rewarding!
    Joy x

  10. He is so cute! I love baking with my two boys. My oldest is a major help in the kitchen :)


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