Monday, 26 August 2013


Inspired by Jens post a week or so ago I managed to persuade Mr R to take me out for a Sunday drive to Saltaire We set off after breakfast, the weather was lovely, we seemed to take a bit of circuitous route but after a few wrong turns along the way we arrived at Saltaire. We found a car park which was surprisingly free on Sundays, an unexpected bonus and then walked to the Salt Mills. The first floor was a stationary delight and also had lots of art work and exhibits, including quite a scary dentist chair. The next floor is full of wonderful books, magazines, crafty things and lots more. It has a delightful area where you can sit and read and at set times of the day children's story time sessions take place.

Through the sumptuous cafe is the wondrous home selection where I could have lingered all day, my wish list was as long as my arm - everything was exquisite. I bought a few random knick knacks, a lovely felt kit, some David Hockney postcards, cute cake cases, little boxes, salt and pepper pots and two adorable little notebooks.
On the top floor of the Mill is the old spinning room which originally contained 16,380 cap spindles for spinning yarn. Raw alpaca fleece was imported from Peru and in its heyday, Salt Mills produced 30,000 yards or 8 miles of alpaca cloth every day.  In the spinning room was an amazing Cloth and Memory Exhibition which I will come back to another day as it's worthy of its own post - the exhibits were beautiful.

After having a nice coffee in a small nearby Art Gallery and coffee bar we visited the Radstudio (another recommendation from Jen) which is very close to the Mill and full of modern on trend gifts and home ware, like Jen I wanted everything......... I've made a little montage of my favourite things

I bought myself a lovely notebook and a very nice fine liner pen as I want to start to write my list of happiness resolutions and some washi tape because I love it.........................

Saltaire is so pretty, and very close to the Mill is Roberts Park which is a lovely park full of great things for children and adults. We sat in the park with a cold drink and watched some Cricket, then we wandered up past the Mill where we saw some lovely allotments and a very sweet well cared for Railway Station.

we had such a fun day and will definitely come again.

talk soon x


  1. What a beautiful trip, Sue, thank you for sharing it! I saw David Hockney's painting of the mill in London - I've always wanted to visit. Now your photos make me want to properly plan a trip! Chrissie x

  2. Hello Sue

    A beautiful day out with stunning pictures. Thank you for sharing them with us.
    I must investigate Saltair.

  3. Such an interesting post, Sue, with beautiful photos...I would really like to visit Saltaire! I always find it hard to decide what to buy in those gorgeous gallery chose some lovely things :)
    Helen x

  4. That looks like a lovely way to spend the day. You got some really pretty things to take home. :)

  5. Thank you for sharing. I pass Saltair on the train when I go to Leeds to see my daughter. I've often wondered if it was worth a visit. Now I know and will make the effort to o.
    S xx

  6. Bliss.........I have some fabric called Saltaire.......a favourite of mine......must use it soon. :-)

  7. Wow Sue - what a great coverage you've given us here, thank you so much! I visited Saltaire about twenty years ago when hubby and I were back in UK for a family togetherness time and it was fantastic then and obviously much more so now. David Hockney was featured of course, and we brought back lots of momentos for our girls who are also into art . The thing about Titus Salt that really sticks in my mind is the fact that he built all that area for his workers - everything provided - except for a pub - definitely no alcohol allowed!
    Thanks so much Sue!
    Joy x

  8. such lovely findings!!!!
    I would love to go there, too!!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  9. Such an interesting post, thoroughly enjoyed! Looks like the perfect trip xoxo

  10. What fun, and what great photos! I am only about 25 mins from Saltaire and it's been a while since I visited, I must go again. You bought some lovely things. x


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