Tuesday, 27 August 2013

52 weeks of happy 35/52.......................

I'm enjoying another happy week of summer and as usual I am joining in with the lovely Jen and my 4 happies this week are.........

A surprise parcel arrived in the post this week - a hard copy of  "The Happiness Project (Kate also bought me the Kindle version a few weeks ago) and Gretchen's second book "Happier at Home" plus some amazing little fluorescent pens - so that I can mark all the bits I want to look back on  - courtesy of my very kind daughter Kate, I am a very lucky mum................

Baking with Alex - we had such fun...................

More unexpected flowers  - my sister called in with a beautiful bunch of flowers - all for me............they smell wonderful

Another lovely unexpected gift - a sweet little house and thank you card from Elizabeth (I helped with some of the baking for her little boy's christening) I've had this little gift a couple of weeks but today I found a special little space to display it for all to see - I am very spoilt..................

what a perfect week and lots of lovely acts of kindness from my family and friends.

talk soon x


  1. Another lovely week of summer happy I do love reading these posts, the flowers are soo gorgeous.
    Clare x

  2. Lovely happies. You have wonderful family and friends and they clearly love you very much!

  3. Nice little happy things!!
    xo Kris

  4. Those flowers look gorgeous, lucky you :-)

  5. Such lovely happies and well deserved! xo

  6. I'm very happy to see your happies Sue, and you so deserve the unexpected gifts - you know what they say " What goes around comes around".
    Joy x

  7. What lovely happies, Sue! :-)


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