Monday, 30 September 2013

another little kit............

Over the summer I had to stop my crafty Friday post due to lack of time but I wanted to show you this new little make. The delightful little sausage dog was another Molly Makes freebie designed by the very talented Jane Foster.

so sweet - talk soon x


  1. Wow Sue I love the blanket stitch that your little doggy is wearing! Too cute. Are you calling yours Mollie or something else? xx

  2. Very cute! And you reminded me that I have a flat little sausage dog at home too, just waiting for some stuffing and thread to bring him to life. Will get on to it.....

  3. It's so cute. I really love these kits, they would make great gifts for young girls who enjoy crafting. But I would not be able to resist keeping them to make for myself. :)

  4. That is very cute. I love Jane Foster's work. x

  5. I am looking forward to making one soon!

  6. I have this little cutie waiting to be made as well. Wondering if I could squeeze in a zipper and make it a pouch.


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