Thursday, 26 September 2013

pretty cakes...........

I shared my love of baking with you in my 52 week of happy post last week but thought I would tell you more about my cupcake baking day. I decided to mix up a big batch of sponge mixture and make some little boxes of cakes to give to my friends and family. It had all started when Vicky asked if I would make some little cakes to give to her friend Clare who helps with school pick ups, and then I thought I would make some for my sister Debbie who doesn't bake but is partial to a little cake with her cup of tea. Then I added Vicky, my mum and my niece to the list - unfortunately Laura missed out but she is always baking wonderful things in her own kitchen.

I had such fun and calorie free as not one cupcake stayed in my kitchen...........................

talk soon x


  1. Well, I'm sitting here droooooooling - over the cakes AND the boxes!!! :-)

  2. What a lovely, thoughtful way to say 'thank you'. I bet the recipients were very happy indeed! Chrissie x

  3. They're very pretty and I am sure everyone was thrilled to get some. :)

  4. oh, i woul like to taste one with yellow button on the top :-)))

  5. Your cakes look so yummy, I love the boxes too, they are super cute.
    Clare x

  6. Sue, they are so gorgeous, you are an artist in the kitchen.

  7. Lucky recipients! What I want to know is how did you resist having one?!! XX PS. Love the boxes too

  8. Makes me happy too, and I am only looking at pictures! Inspiring works.

  9. They all look so pretty, especially packaged up in their polka dot boxs. I'm impressed you didn't keep any for yourself! Did you buy the chocolate button toppers or make them in a mould? They're really cute.

    1. I bought the toppers from Sainsbury's but I often make my own with candy melts and a silicone button mould x

  10. What lucky friends you have !!
    Your cupcakes look almost too lovely to eat. ;)
    But, how could you resist !

  11. What a real treat Sue! They look so pretty too and in colourful fun presentation boxes. I wish someone would be so thoughtful as to do the same for me!!! I mean I shouldn't thought but you know when its a gift you really have to try at least one .... just to be nice....after all ...if its a gift and all :-)

    keep well

    Amanda xx

  12. Lovely cakes and I am sure that the gifts were appreciated! Baking and giving away what you make is so lovely isn't it.


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