Sunday, 20 October 2013

Giddy fun..........

Yesterday afternoon Laura and I had a giddy hour, it all started because of a recipe I wanted to try for malteser tiffin. We are both on diets and trying really hard to be careful so tiffin is not an ideal thing to be making.

The ingredient list should carry a health warning:-

Maltesers 250g
Digestive biscuits 250g
Butter 100g
Syrup 3 x tbsp
Chocolate 400g

We also decided that drinking a glass of chilled Prosecco would help with our tiffin making which I think caused the giggles and giddiness. Not sure what got into us and hopefully it won't become a Saturday afternoon habit.

We had fun and of course had to keep taste testing our mixture (all good chefs taste as they cook don't they) and in our case we were also sipping our bubbly. Surprisingly our tiffin worked perfectly and was a great hit with the grandchildren (not so surprising). It is now under lock and key as I'm not allowed to have anymore and I should probably leave afternoon Prosecco drinking out as well.

A lovely afternoon that really lifted my spirits - sorry that we forgot to photograph the finished item but it did look good.

Talk soon x


  1. I dunno, Sue, I'd love to have that as a regular Saturday routine! ;-) I think I'll have to follow the recipe - and bubbly technique - to the letter next weekend! Chrissie x

  2. This sounds like a lot of fun! I've never tried tiffin but I hear it's good. I think Prosecco is wonderful! Have some for me! :)

  3. I would be hunting down the key to get that tiffin back out - and come to think of it, I might just go and get a little tipple of something right now.... xx

  4. sounds lovely. It's always fun to do it with wine and friends x x

  5. Sounds like a pretty fun Saturday and you can always walk off the calories on Monday. LOL

    1. I think I might have to run a marathon to get rid of my calorie overload x

  6. Sounds like such fun!! The perfect afternoon, and as for prosecco, well my weakness too. I enjoyed a glass on Saturday evening when friends kindly looked after our Llosa so we could have a meal out and boy I felt like having 3, but I was good and sticker with 1. Xoxo

  7. It was fun and I did stop at one glass too x

  8. I'm unfamiliar with a "tiffin", but if it involves chocolate, I'm in ;) I would keep this as a routine as laughter is the best medicine as they say. Enjoy the rest of your week Sue. Wendy

  9. Hi Sue! Can you tell us what a " tiffin" is and how it is made. Sounds good, tho sinful, and I would like to try it. I love new recipes. xxoo. JO

    1. Hi Jo
      Tiffin is sort of a crunchy biscuity cake that is sometimes called refrigerator cake as it doesn't need to be cooked it sets in the fridge and then you cut it into slices. The base is usually melted butter with crushed biscuits, and melted chocolate. You can add nuts, fruit, cherries in fact anything you fancy into the mix. The one I made was very chocolatey as I added maltesers as well. I have added a couple of recipe links if you want to give it a try.
      Sue x
      Good luck x


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