Monday, 10 March 2014

crochet workshop..................

Thank you for your lovely comments and words of encouragement - my first workshops went really well. I was so lucky to have two such lovely groups of women attend the classes. They were all really excited about learning how to crochet and worked very hard to learn the basic stitches. Everyone completed a small swatch of double crochet to take home and for homework (yes I am a strict teacher) they are going to crochet a few more rows and also practice making chains with different yarns.

I took a few photos of my room before the workshop started but didn't take any during - I will try to remember next week.

examples of crochet projects and stitches......................

lots of Stylecraft DK.........................

table is set..................

everyone had a little pack of information, and I'd made cases for the crochet hooks.............

and before I forget my three lovely daughters sent me a good luck bouquet of flowers - I'm so very lucky.

A special thank you to two of my favourite bloggers Chrissie and Jo who both run crochet workshops and have given me lots of practical help and advice. Chrissie emailed me copies of her lesson plans which are amazing and have really helped me with planning the workshop and Jo has kindly let me use some of the patterns she has written for her groups.

Blogging has enabled me to communicate with a wide community of like minded women, "who get me" - they  understand and share the joy of opening a new parcel of yarn, the pride we feel when we learn a new stitch or bake a yummy cake. It's hard to put it into words and I know I have said this before but I feel like I have such a lot of new friends that come to visit my blog, leave lovely comments and offer such a lot of help and support.

thank you all again and I hope you have a good day.

talk soon x


  1. This looks so amazing - what lovely, friendly ideas - especially the packs with hooks. It's wonderful that you have example projects so that your students can keep their eyes on the prize when they are finding things difficult and focus on where they will be in future. The blanket is simply beautiful - and the colours in your photos are an absolute feast for the eyes. Best of luck with your new venture! xxx

  2. Well done - you must be really pleased and proud it went so well. Love the sweet little hook holders. :)

  3. Hi Sue, congratulations on the success of your first crochet workshops, it sounds like a good time was had by all! Have a lovely week.
    Jane x

  4. Wow this looks like a great workshop. Well done to you. I love how you evven made little crochet hook cases for your students. They are very lucky to be attending your class.

  5. I am so happy for you and your students that it all went so well, Sue; you certainly prepared well and beautifully, taking care of little details that must have meant a lot to your new learners!
    How lovely of your girls to send you the beautiful flowers, and of our lovely Chrissie and Jo offering their excellent advice!
    Wishing you the best for the next lessons - they must be easier after 'breaking the ice' first time round!
    Joy xo

  6. Well done and here's to the next one!

  7. Hi Sue. Well done on your first workshops. I do them myself and the pride I feel when the crochet bug hits and wonderful things are created. Lovely touch with the crochet hook cases. The room looks very welcoming too.

  8. It looks amazing Sue!! You have done so much work to prepare for this I can tell, and I am sure that your students appreciated all of that effort. The little hook holders are beautiful - such a great idea for travelling! - and the way that you have everything set out and labelled is so lovely. I so wish that I could come to one of your classes as I am sure that they are amazing! I hope that it just keeps getting better and better for you. xx

  9. Good job Sue!!!! you are really professional!!!
    Happy to know that everything went well!
    xxxxxx Ale

  10. Wish you all the best with your workshop!

  11. Oh Sue, I would have love to have come to your class, it all looks so perfect. You have put so much thought into everything - what a treat for the ladies attending.
    And aren't daughters just the best !!
    Have a good day,
    Kate x

  12. It all looks fabulous Sue...thrilled it went well!! Sarah xo

  13. I bet you were a fabulous teacher, Chrissie and Jo are amazing, I don't doubt for one minute they would be helpful. Your room was perfect and the hook holders a wonderful touch.
    Hugs to you,

  14. Your room looks so welcoming and all that yarn and crochet ready for everyone to admire would really set the excitement for learning crochet! The crochet holders are so cute, and it's no wonder the first class went so well. Looking forward to hearing more :) Wendy x

  15. Your crochet class sounds wonderful. Sue, and I'm so glad it went well....your makes are inspiring for beginners to see, and the little crochet hook holders are an inspired idea. How lovely that your daughters sent you a bouquet of flowers, too. Blogging is a fantastic way to share crafting and creativity with like minded others, I so agree!

  16. What a beautiful, inviting setting you created! No wonder you all had a lovely time, I just love how you have displayed everything, with coasters, hook cases, and jar covers all showcasing crochet! Now I'm the one who's going to take some tips for my next class...thank you! Chrissie x

  17. I'm glad your workshop went well. Your room looks lovely - an inspiration for your students :)

  18. So glad it went well, your crafting studio looks like a wonderful place, and the little hook cases are such a lovely touch.
    Clare xx

  19. WOW, how beautifully presented everything is, I'm so pleased it went well. xXx

  20. Well done Sue ... it all looks fab ... wish I was closer so you could teach me ... Bee xx

  21. The little hook packs are very cute, I would have been thrilled with those at any workshop i went too when learning.

  22. Your class is set up so beautifully! If I lived nearer I would love to come!

  23. Well done Sue, it seems like you have done a really terrific job preparing for this course. I love the gorgeous crochet hook holders that you crocheted, aren't they fab!! I know personally I would have loved to attend this wonderful looking course. Well done you!! You must feel chuffed to bits xoxo


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