Friday, 14 March 2014

yarn along - crochet bits and bobs.....................

I have been so preoccupied with my crochet workshops that for the first time in ages I haven't got a project on the go. I have been busy trying out stitches and making little samples to show my two groups. This week I had planned to teach half trebles, trebles and decreasing. So I made this little stitch sampler, which started with double crochet as a refresher from last week and included all the new stitches. It's like a little house.

The group had all done some crochet practice at home and were raring to go - so we started the sampler and did the new crochet stitches but didn't get to the decrease as everyone was really keen to learn how to do a granny square. As trebles were fresh in every ones mind we took the plunge and I had made a colourful sample earlier which helped guide us ...................

The granny square technique was picked up very quickly so I am expecting great things for next weeks class.

I have also been trying to teach myself how to crochet with my left hand as one of the women in my group is left handed and I found it quite difficult to teach and support her last week.

a little bit wonky but my first attempt at making a granny square and a little sample of stitches all with my left hand - I was quite proud of myself and it really helped me with this weeks teaching session.

I am joining in with Ginny, Chrissie, Marianne and Tami.

talk soon x


  1. Good to hear the classes are going so well. have a good weekend
    Clare xx

  2. Boy do I wish I could take a class from you!! It would so awesome to learn to make a of these days! Happy teaching!! Nicole xoxo

  3. I admire your commitment to the left hander Sue, I have not had one to teach from scratch yet just people who have come with higgldy piggldy crochet skills on their left hand and ti was OK to just help them along - Much respect fellow tutor!! Jo x

  4. Hi Sue
    I'm really impressed - I don't think I'd even know how to start to crochet with my left hand ! So would you work from left to right instead of right to left ? Its making my mind boggle just thinking about it !
    Kate x

    1. It does make my mind boggle too - but yes you work from left to right which is very tricky x

  5. Your lefty square is awesome! Well done to you and your students for achieving the granny squares - I bet they were chuffed to bits! You must reward yourself with some lovely yarn and a new project - you deserve a treat for accomplishing this first workshop series! Can't wait to see what you all get up to next week, cxxx

  6. I'm very impressed that you're crocheting left handed to help your student. I can't even imagine where to start :)

  7. I'm between projects too. Lots going on in my head - but not much on my hook!! Have a great weekend. X

  8. Wow, that is true dedication, learning to crochet with your other hand so that you can help with your teaching. Very kind of you though. I am glad that it is going so well. xx

  9. OH gosh, well done for giving the left-handed crochet a go Jo - I'm left handed and things do look a bit different from that angle. How would it be if your student sat opposite you while you're teaching R-handed and tried following that way? Keep enjoying your classes, they sound so GOOD! Love, Joy xo

  10. PS I think I just called you Jo, Sue - my apologies - Jo's update post had just appeared above yours on my list and I kinda got confused there for a minute! The message is the same though! xoxo

  11. so lovely from you to try to crochet with your left hand!!!!! you are deeply involved in your teaching : my compliments!!!!
    xxxxxx Ale

  12. Well done. I've been learning to crochet with my left hand too but have not yet had any left handed students. I have been on the lookout for left handed patterns, so far I have one for a beret from Inside Crochet.
    Keep on passing on the knowledge.
    S xx

  13. When I taught my leftie daughter to crochet I had to learn too. Good brain gym!

  14. I have had to learn to crochet a little with my left hand for the same reason, it is much easier to teach when you can actually show them xx

  15. So pleased to hear that your classes are going well. Also pretty amazing left hand crocheting!! Xxx

  16. So glad your workshops are going well, it's so enjoyable teaching someone how to do something you love isn't it?. I think it's the perfect job for us as we can fit it round resting too, but it's so much fun it doesn't even seem like work! I can crochet a bit with my left hand too so I can show left handed customers how to do it though as it's such a two handed process some of my leftie ladies found they liked having the hook in their right hand.


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