Saturday, 6 September 2014

Join as you go

My Monday Night Crochet Club is getting busy and I'm worried that soon I will run out of chairs and I think I may need to invest in an extra kettle. Crochet is thirsty work or maybe it's all the chatting and laughter!

Most weeks we all bring something to work on but last week I did a mini tutorial on how to join granny squares as you go. I had always found joining granny squares daunting, I love making them but the finishing off was my least favourite part and I still have a few projects waiting to be completed. This changed when I stumbled upon Irene's blog last year, Irene had made a beautiful blanket and used the join as you go method, it was based on the technique that Lucy uses. I had tried following Lucy's pattern once before and couldn't get to grips with it but Irene's inspiration made me have another go. The pattern sounds really tricky but actually it is quite straight forward, just make sure you can sit quietly and concentrate the first time you try it.

I had a bag of small granny squares from an unfinished project so I split them into groups of four and shared them out and away we went. With very little help and guidance everyone picked the method up and we quickly had a pile of joined granny squares.

I didn't want to waste these lovely squares so I have joined them all together and made a small blanket which we are going to donate. The original small squares were green and pink but they have been joined with a multitude of vibrant colours.

Not quite my colour palette but the mini blankie has come together really well.

I've got to get my thinking cap on for next week's crochet club now.

Hope you all have a fab weekend x


  1. What a gorgeous colourful blanket Sue. Your Monday night crochet group sounds great-the tips on joining squares are so useful. Lovely pics of the children below as well!
    Have a lovely weekend
    Alison xx

    1. Thank you Alison, I'm just catching up with my lovely comments thank you so much for taking the time x

  2. Hello Sue
    Great to hear your crochet workshop is so successful and likewise good that you have more learners. May the art of crochet never die!!!! I've kept it in the back of my mind for quite awhile now that I need to have a go at Lucy's join as you go technique. As I am making myself a jacket at present, which I hope I'll finish before the end of this coming winter I mean to use the join as you go technique. Your blanket joins look great tidy.... it is inspiring me to have a bash at it!

    Keep well

    Amanda x

    1. I hope you have a try Amanda the instructions really scared me but it's much easier than it sounds - if that makes sense xxx

  3. What a fabulous idea, you taught something everyone who crochet needs to know and you have a beautiful blanktt to donate.

    1. We did have fun I have met such lovely women and it's so nice to chat, have fun and of course crochet xxx

  4. I have tried it once before and not managed it so you have inspired me to have another go. Jo x

    1. I hope you give it another go as you are such a talented crocheter - I think it sounds much harder than it is xxx

  5. Looks good, I really need to get my head around this as I have squares piling up.
    Clare x

  6. I love it and it's wonderful you are going to donate it.... There is a lot of lovely giving going on right now xxx

  7. What a fantastic idea!!! A great way for your group to learn this technique, a great use for your squares and something to donate for some to use as well! What could be better than this!!! xx

  8. Oh I would so love to pop along to one of your crochet evenings Sue - they sound so much fun. Such a lovely post, and lots of top tips.
    Have a good Sunday,
    Kate x

  9. What a jolly blanket! I am so glad your crochet club has taken off so wonderfully, if only I could zip over to hook with you! My monthly club meets tomorrow night, I'll be thinking of you! Chrissie xxx

  10. Your blanket is really beautiful ! Have a nice sunday !

  11. Hello Sue

    I'm so pleased your crafty evenings are successful. And what a brilliant idea to make one big colourful blanket, and donating it to charity - just brilliant.

    Thank you for the mention.

    Take care of yourself.


  12. I really need to learn this technique! The wee blanket is lovely and how nice that you are going to donate it to a good cause.
    Marianne x

  13. Crochet club sounds like such fun! Wish I could join you.....

  14. ...and what a pretty blanket that is....adorable....
    bestest daisy J x

  15. Hello Sue,
    So nice to read about your crochet club, must be fun!
    Love your blanket, the colours are very pretty together!


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