Monday, 23 September 2013

All ready to go.........

My suitcase is packed and I have ticked everything off my list - I must admit I am quite exhausted in fact in real need of a holiday. I have been a bit silly recently as when I am under the weather I seem determined to do more rather than less. I find it hard to give in and acknowledge that I am doing too much.

 The taxi is booked to take us to the airport and is due to arrive in about 30 minutes I've had a last look round and everywhere is tidy and appliances switched off ( my lap top will be next I  promise) Mr R has been busy tidying the garden before we leave, everything is now ship shape.

We have been going to this resort in Turkey for many years and we both love it. The holiday is perfect for us both as you can be as active or as restful as you want. My plan is to read, rest and recuperate in the lovely sunshine and Mr R will be busy windsurfing, wake boarding, mountain biking, playing tennis and more. Don't worry we do get to spend time together as well and we both enjoy the lovely local cuisine and of course an occasional cocktail or two.

talk soon x


  1. Have a wonderful (and relaxing) time......

  2. Have a great time. How lovely to be going on holiday at this time of year.

  3. I so share your problem sue of stopping when our bodies tell us too. Most probably explains a great deal. I love turkey, enjoy every minute bad relax!! Xoxo

  4. Oh have such fun! September holidays, yummy! I only ever had the chance to go in September for 4 years when my baby was too little for school, but I loved it!

  5. Wishing you a wonderful relaxing holiday x Enjoy all that sunshine x Penny

  6. have a great time. I tend to overwork myself too and just keep going until I fall apart but I can't stop myself, it is just what I do! Relax and enjoy. Jo x

  7. Sue enjoy your well earned break! Soak up the rays they are very healing.

  8. Have a wonderful relaxing holiday. xx

  9. Have a wonderful trip.

  10. Just got back from my hols today Sue, we sat and drank and watched the world go by which was very relaxing and just what we needed. Then we went and did 1000 things and got worn out again. It is funny how you want to do loads when you don't feel so good isn't it! Hope that you find the right balance and have a great time.


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