Tuesday, 12 November 2013

52 weeks of happy 45/52

It's that time of the week again and I have another 4 happies to share with you.......................

1. Alex all dressed up for his Tudor themed school trip to Bramhall Hall - he looks so grown up.

2. My first pair of knitted mittens - I had such fun making them.

3. A beautiful bunch of Roses - just looking at them makes me happy.

4. The wonder of sparklers - the children just love them

Another lovely week with lots of special family time....................

talk soon x


  1. I smiled when I saw this as I've just been writing my second week of happy post while you've been writing your 45th! Its not just children that love sparklers, I've never grown out of them either :)

  2. All great happies, of course!, but I am very impressed by the mittens, they look great. I do like to wear mittens in the winter, so much snugglier than gloves I find - but that could be because I find it so hard to get gloves that fit me properly! xx

  3. Twirling a sparkler wearing the mittens would be great fun!

  4. I just had a quick flick through a couple of posts that I obviously missed Sue, and they are so filled with happy family-ness, it's wonderful to see. Thank you for sharing such lovelies, as you do! Hugs, Joy x

  5. Happy pics - I love the way your blog is always full of lots of pictures and few easy to read words. Jo x

  6. Look at those great pictures, and your mittens look fantastic for your first pair or your 100th pair.


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