Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Wool Shopping

Over the last few weeks Pam and I have been stocking up with lovely new yarns for our projects. Only fellow knitters will understand the feelings you get when you see a shop full of beautiful yarns!

We went to John Lewis last week and spent quite a lot of money on fabulous yarns, my favourite was Debbie Bliss Fez which is so soft and warm. Its mainly extra fine merino but has about 15% of camel hair added which is sumptuous.

Today we went to the Black Sheep Barn in Warrington which is floor to ceiling yarns, threads, patterns and has every knitting needle and crochet hook you can imagine. It's like an Aladdin's Cave. We went in with very good intentions about sticking to our planned budget but unfortunately we failed - you just never ever know when you might need 12 balls of Sublime chunky merino tweed and it was such a bargain!

Can't wait to start knitting with this lovely yarn
 We spent the rest of the afternoon looking through our pattern books desperate to start new projects but with iron resolve back in place I am continuing with my Erika Knight 4ply baby bonnet and Pam has promised to finish her tea cosy and hot water bottle cover before she starts anything new.

I have spent the evening putting my wools away but as you can see I am rapidly running out of draw space - but it does look lovely.

I will need another chest of drawers soon!
Our next job is to take some new photos to kick start our folksy website and update our facebook page.

I will be back soon with some more news Sue x


  1. Brilliant but there must be a name for sensible folk who become ga - ga when they are in the company of wool yarns ...i need to christen a new name for Sue and Pam...enjoy the blog though
    your number 1 fan

    1. Thank you Barbara its great that you follow our blog. Not only are you our number one fan but you are also our number one customer......not sure what name you will come up with for us though!
      Sue x


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