Thursday, 30 August 2012

my creative space .................little people

I have had fun this week finishing off projects, knitting, crochet and baking. But I also started a new project, making clothes for some little wooden people.

mummy .............
daddy .........

         mummy, daddy, and children ..........

I still need to dress, little brother, little sister and baby, I think they are so cute - I want to collect lots of little families.

Hope everyone has had a fun creative week, I'm looking forward to visiting "my creative space" to check out projects.

Catch up  next week x


  1. Do i have to start worrying !!!

    Love them really Barbara

    1. No need to worry I am back working on my blanket :)

  2. sooo cute, but i think ile stick to my happy ripples for now. cant wait for the move to over though so i can get back to quilting in my new studio, chaotic as it is. blessings, trills.:-)


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