Wednesday, 12 September 2012

chocolate lollipops ...........

It was my usual Wednesday morning, Zachy and Noah arrived for breakfast but alas I had forgotten to buy more Weetabix which is the boys favourite breakfast food, but we survived and made do with  Rice Krispies and jammy toast.

Around 10.30am Noah went down for his morning nap and Zachy dragged his chair into the kitchen so that we could start our baking. I had planned to make simple chocolate lollipops which were quick and easy to make and Zachy could be involved in most of the process.

We broke half a block of white chocolate into a small bowl and half a block of milk chocolate into another bowl and then melted the chocolate in the microwave.

Zachy breaking up the chocolate

I lined a couple of baking sheets with parchment paper and with a dessert spoon put spoonfuls of the melted chocolate onto the paper in roughly lollipop shapes. Then we pushed sticks into the circle shapes and spooned a little extra chocolate over the top.

Zachy added a variety of decorations onto the lollipops and then into the freezer for 30 minutes they went. 

all ready for the freezer
set and ready to eat
don't they look yummy

The lollipops were a big success and after Noah's sleep both boys enjoyed one before mummy came to collect them. Zachy made sure that the remaining lolly's were packed up for him to take home.

talk soon x

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