Friday, 7 September 2012

slow living ........

Another month has flown by -  life is hectic but fun and fulfilling. Hope you have all had a productive month, using Christine's nine heading's I have given you a flavour of what's been happening in my life.

lots of cooking and experimenting with recipes, not sure it's always nourishing as quite a few sweet bakes this month.
carrot and lentil soup
stir fry vegetables in a tomato sauce

cupcake batch bake
lemon drizzle loaf cake

tomato pasta
Oreo dipped lolly pops ............

As usual lots of cooking from scratch, batch cooking and a few new recipes.

Same as last time really, home fuel bills and petrol costs still showing savings.

Continuing to compost waste and limit use of pesticides and chemicals.
Herb garden thriving, bay and rosemary look lovely, strawberries in pots and hanging baskets are looking good.

hanging basket strawberry plants
bay and rosemary

Even more crochet, and a few more unusual projects ..............
knitted lamp
little wooden people

Still discovering that I do have will power, I have now lost 2 stone - I am so thrilled.

Time spent with my wonderful grandchildren - they enhance my life enormously

 A fabulous time in London sharing in Kate's wedding planning, dress fitting and more

I hope you have all had a good month sorry my post is a little late - I  look forward to catching up with all the "slow living posts" over at  Christine's - I am sure yet again you will have all put me to shame.

talk soon x


  1. Stills lots going on in your part of the world Sue. Firstly, love the sound of carrot and lentil soup, any chance of the recipe?

    The Lemon Drizzle Loaf cake also sounds delicious!

    The two craft projects you shared look fabulous, I've never seen a knitted lamp before and the little peg people are so cute!

  2. Haha! You are nowhere near as late as I am getting my post out. I love the photo of your strawberries. Ours are just starting to flower for the year.

  3. Thanks Linda - I will be even slower this month as I am on a beach in Turkey! Having great fun though :)


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