Monday, 10 December 2012

busy making acorns ....................

During my stay in London I have been trying to teach Kate how to crochet, she is finding it quite difficult to master which is infuriating her as she picked up knitting quite quickly. We have just progressed from double crochet to trebles I am hoping we can try a granny square later.

Kate has been teaching me how to make fimo acorns for Christmas decorations - what do you think?

Kate had a bag of empty acorn cups and we modelled acorns out of fimo, rolled them in metallic powder, then baked in the oven. When they were cool we glued the acorns into the little fairy cups. I think they are so cute.

silver and gold acorns ........

So  far I have managed to keep to my plan of writing a post a day until Christmas, lets hope I can continue.

Talk soon x

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  1. Lovely blog and here is a Liebster Award for your blog. Go here to see what the award is about.


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