Sunday, 9 December 2012

Christmas shopping ......

I decided to venture into London and visit my favourite shop - Liberty's of course! So wrapped up warm with lots of accessories, hat, scarf, gloves and boots [it's freezing out] I set off for the tube. After a very busy underground journey I arrived at Oxford Circus and amid all the frantic hustle and bustle I arrived at Liberty's. 

The store is always beautiful to behold but at Christmas time it has a special magical quality all of its own. I spent some time wandering around and imagining all the things I would buy if I wasn't shopping on a budget. Then it was up to floor 3 where I just love the kitchen shop, the children's area and of course the haberdashery and yarn area - such bliss.  I bought some amazing grey yarn with a silver thread running through it and some lovely creamy natural wool with a sparkle - not sure what I will be making but will let you know soon as I'm desperate to start something special.

The Christmas Shop was a delight and I love all of the different colour schemes, I seem to have fallen for a white and silver theme but alas most of my decorations are red and green so I don't think I can afford to abandon them all this year. Pink and aqua seem quite popular but I'm not sure they are quite me.

lovely Christmas reindeer ........
It was soon time to head back to Kate's and brave the cold and the crowds. It was already quite dark outside and the lights on Oxford Street were stunning but unfortunately my photo doesn't do them justice.

I'm off to get the tube talk soon x

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