Tuesday, 4 December 2012

time in the kitchen ...........

I have been so busy with hospital visits, Christmas fairs, crafting and general household chores I have had little time left for any serious cooking. I have been making quick and easy family meals, all from scratch but not very exciting. Today as I was getting some shopping for my mum and dad I saw a lovely vegetable lasagna in Marks and Spencer's. I resisted buying one and decided to come straight home and make my own. I had a few hours spare before I needed to be back at the hospital so I also made a chicken casserole, fruit cake, simple chocolate buns and two sponge cakes to be iced together for a birthday cake.

All in all a fun and productive few hours, it's amazing what you can achieve.

I've just got to nip to the hospital now and then when I get back I have got Alex, Finn and Daisy straight from school for supper, homework and then home for bed.

talk soon x

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  1. Third time lucky on this comment, I tried to leave one twice yesterday, but it didn't like me doing from my phone. You gotta love a productive day in the kitchen, not something I get to these days, it's more survival strategy, get dinner on the table quick! Everything looks and sounds delicious.


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