Monday, 3 December 2012

invaded .............

I have finally succumbed to the fact that my house has been invaded, every room has been taken over by craft! What started out as a innocent pile of yarn by the side of the sofa, has become a life form creeping higher than the sofa, spilling onto the cushions and taken more and more of the surrounding floor space. It didn't stop at that, I once had an area in the kitchen that we called the breakfast bar, it had just disappeared, "craft"  had moved in, not being content with that the chairs were next and were piled so high with stuff they looked as if they could topple at any moment.

It came to a bit of a head yesterday as "craft" crept over to the dining table, making it very difficult for other half to enjoy his breakfast and read the Sunday newspaper - so it became my Sunday mission to regain order and fight back!

Yarn has all been stashed back into the correct drawer as it does have its own lovely home, needles back into cosy knitting needle bags. Books and magazines were next but proved to be difficult as they seem to have reproduced alarmingly and no longer fit into designated book case. Managed to sort out the book problem, as other half seemed to have lots of books on the the shelves that he never looks at so they have been put into a black bag for the charity shop - hope that's ok!

I have now got a very tasteful basket next to my sofa, containing my current project - so pretty and tidy. The kitchen surfaces are perfect, breakfast bar is clear and crying out for some festive adornment, I had forgotten about the lovely cushions on the chairs (haven't been seen for along time) and the dining table is all clear.

 What a productive day (not sure how long this tidy phase will last).

Talk soon x

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