Monday, 17 December 2012

lists ................

As planned I started my outstanding Christmas jobs list and as expected it was very long, I decided that it was a bit overwhelming so I decided to write a list for today instead - not in any order of priority.

1. Meet Barbara for usual Monday morning at the gym
2. Wrap parcels for two new lovely baby boys - all my friends are having new grandsons.
3 Post Christmas cards and post wrapped parcels ( see item 2)
4. Visit mum and dad (dad is recuperating from having a hip replacement)
5. Grocery shopping for mum and dad.
6. Bake cupcakes for hubbies meeting tomorrow ( last one before Christmas)
7.Continue with Christmas present wrapping - need a quick stock take as not sure if I have everything yet.
8. Ironing.
9. Finish knitting Kate's snood.
10. Finish decorating the house for Christmas.
11. Laundry (see item 8, new rule is to clear ironing & laundry on Mondays)
12. Write blog post.
13.General tidy, dust, vacuum etc

Why when you have a lovely list and the day ahead of you is clear, do things always happen?

After breakfast I started to wrap my two parcels and then unexpectedly my sister arrived for a cup of tea, not a problem I would still be on track to take parcels to the post office before meeting Barbara. Then we received a phone call - my sister's daughter had gone into labour and was now the proud mum of a lovely baby boy  (wow so many little boys where have all the baby girls gone)

First change of plan, cancel gym (Barbara was very understanding). Then it was off to the hospital as my sister can't drive I am the designated driver. I did manage to drop my parcels and Christmas cards off at the post office on the way to the hospital, so a few ticks off my list.

Back from the hospital, my niece and great nephew are both doing very well, and my sister is very proud of her new arrival. Next I needed to drive over to see my parents and check everything was OK and then pop to the shops for a few groceries (next hospital appointment for dad is Wednesday morning)

Then back home to start my baking, I managed to make two dozen cupcakes for the meeting and two dozen for the family as I have got Alex, Finn and Daisy for tea after school tomorrow and Zach and Noah for the day on Thursday. The cupcakes are cooling and just need icing and decorating.

So far I have managed to tick a few things off my list but doubt if ironing will be on my new prioritised list, and I definitely won't get round to knitting, or Christmas present wrapping  (I have managed my blog post though - I am doing well with my advent posts - 17th day of December and 17th post)

Time to make my butter cream , and tomorrow is a new day with a new list.

 talk soon x

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