Sunday, 20 January 2013

tiny heart bunting ....................

I started Saturday morning feeling a bit unwell, also it was really cold and everywhere was covered in a carpet of snow so not going out weather at all. I decided that I would have a quiet day snuggled under my favourite crochet blanket and that I would do some of my knitting - although wasn't sure what to start with.

Have you ever had a restless day when you have lots on the go but nothing that you really want to do. After promising myself that I wouldn't start lots of different projects I have completely failed and it's not even three weeks into January - oh well maybe one or two projects are OK but I seem to have lots of stuff competing for my attention. I think I need to list them, although it may make me feel worse  - not sure but here goes.

1. knitted blanket on a circular needle
2. knitted patchwork blanket
3. granny square cushion
4. snood for Alex - he is getting cold playing football (so very worthy transgression)
5. my first ever sock ( more about that later)
6. small pompom garland ( recently bought a small pompom maker not sure why! but love Lucy's garland)

I couldn't get into anything so I started to read some of my favourite blogs and then I found what I was looking for ta dah - a very cute and easy crochet heart - yes I know I had already dipped into heart making earlier in the week but this heart is really tiny and is worked in one round using a magic circle. So after a quick "you tube" refresher on making a magic circle loop away I went.

Everything else was forgotten (even my aches and pains) and I sat warm and cosy under my blanket busy making hearts - other half just can't understand my love of tiny cute, pastel coloured little things -  as not that long ago I made lots of tiny crochet balls (have to say they are still in a bag somewhere) I was determined that before the end of the day my baby hearts would actually be made into something that I would definitely use.

I am proud to say that I did as planned and I have used my gorgeous hearts to make some tiny bunting and it's already been put up in my sitting room - hope you love it as much as I do.

little hearts all needed tails sewing in, then attaching onto a chain and then stringing across my shelves - perfect
I really must get on with Alex's snood now as I have promised it will be ready for football training next week - I will come back to my induction into the mysterious art of sock making tomorrow .

talk soon x

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