Wednesday, 30 January 2013

yarn along - tiny mitts

I have continued with my baby theme and have just knitted some tiny mitts to go with the tiny pom pom hat I made earlier in the week. I was amazed at how little yarn I needed for the mitts, they weigh 11 grams for the pair, so a great  way to use up small amounts of yarn.

I have put my latest novel to one side and have dipped back into the book that Kate bought me last year - The Crafter's Guide To Taking Great Photos by Heidi Adnumas I really want to improve the quality of my photography. The book has DIY tutorials and advice from other crafter's about photographing specific products, so hopefully a bit of something for everyone. If am being honest (don't tell Kate) I didn't really put any of the advice into practice when I initially read the book last year but this time I am going to give it a real go. So hopefully over the next few months you will notice the difference.

If you have time pop over to Ginny's blog she not only fills me with inspiration but also takes the most amazing photographs.

Talk soon x


  1. The little mitts are so sweet! I just love knitting for babies. That book looks really interesting, photography is something that I really need to improve on.
    M xxx

  2. That sounds like an interesting/helpful book... wip's especially can be so difficult to photograph well. That is a tiny pair of mitts, my goodness! :)

  3. Those little mits are so sweet! I'm on a bit of a baby crochet roll at the moment too. The book sounds very interesting, I'm going to pop over to amazon now to have a better look at it :) Elisabeth xx


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