Tuesday, 12 February 2013

52 weeks of happy - 7/52

I love this regular post as it encourages me to reflect back on my week. My weeks are busy and have recently involved lots of hospital visiting, spending time with poorly parents and also lots of fun playful times with my grandchildren.

It is a time in my life that involves caring for so many different generations - I was in the car recently with my mother, daughter and granddaughter - a car full of powerful opinionated women ( and that was mainly 3 year old Daisy) spanning 4 generations.

Looking back over the week so many things have given me joy and made me smile, albeit sometimes a tired smile. I have chosen four images to share with you - some are surprisingly frivolous.

1. I adore lip glosses - still searching for the perfect one with staying power - any suggestions

2. Blankets always feature high in my happy thoughts

3. Flowers - my beautiful sunny flowers have made me smile everyday

4. The last of my 3/12 trial of Homemaker arrived yesterday - full of happy smiley things .............

talk soon x

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  1. Sorry to read about the hospital visits. The pictures are pretty and good to look at.


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