Tuesday, 26 February 2013

52 weeks of happy - 9/52

Tuesdays seem to come around very quickly and it's time to join Jen again with my 52 weeks of happy post. Unfortunately I'm not feeling very happy today, in fact I feel a bit grotty. I think I have succumbed to the nasty flu virus, which isn't surprising as Laura has been really poorly, and both her little boys have been ill. To make matters worse it's my birthday today and I really don't want to spend a day in bed or resting on the sofa.

Anyway I must get back to my post as it will do me good to recapture some of the things that have made me smile during the last week.

1.  My tea party under the table with Noah gave me lots to smile about........

white chocolate buttons are best eaten from a tea cup ....................

2. Daisy's chocolaty face was an absolute picture .......

I can always wash my face later................

3. I've finished my first Billie blanket ..............I think it's so lovely, it will be hard to part with it.

I love my blanket.................

4. Manchester City beat Chelsea 2 - 0, wonder if we can catch Manchester United.........hope so!

what an amazing goal...................

I'm already feeling a bit brighter and if I rest up for a few days I can celebrate my birthday over the weekend when I've got more energy. Mr R is taking me out to dinner on Saturday which will be fun.

Talk soon x

PS I have just added a followers gadget on my side bar, it would be great if you would click on it, as I've only got a few lovely but lonely followers at the moment x


  1. Hola sue! es preciosa la manta, los colores son maravillosos, felicidades por tan bonito trabajo, te seguiré leyendo
    un abrazo!

  2. Ah she is adorable!

    xo Jennifer

  3. Beautiful! I wanted to grab a button and put on my side bar to help promote you, but I don't see any. I am following you now and will visit you agian! Blessings~


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