Tuesday, 12 March 2013

52 weeks of happy - 11/52

I had been thinking back over my week at the things that had made me feel happy and given me lots to smile about, and a theme was developing - my daughters.........

I am such a lucky mum and this sounds a bit soppy but my daughters just complete me (so very Jerry Maguire but true). I could just not imagine a single day without them. They have grown into strong, beautiful independent women; they have welcomed the life changes motherhood brings and have flourished in this new role.

I wondered about sharing three images of Kate, Laura and Vicky as little girls, but decided to share wedding day photos, as this was such an important day for each of them and me of course.............

Vicky - June 2011..............
Laura - May 2012...............

Kate - October 2012

Don't they look beautiful - my perfect three girls, three weddings in 18/12 was pretty busy but wonderful.

I am going to get such a telling off for this post - I can hear it now, oh mum that was just so embarrassing! Mum you should just get out more, oh mum you are so soppy - but I think it's worth getting a scolding and I thought you might like to see this I just loved this film.

talk soon x

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  1. Aaaah! What a lovely post - and what a lucky mum you are to have three such besutiful daughters! :-)

  2. I love other people's wedding photos! This is lovely, and your daughters are all beautiful. Three weddings in less than 18 months though, I bet you were all busy.

    Gillian x

  3. I can hear the pride oozing from your post Sue! Three stunning girls, looking SO happy on their special days, and clearly blessed with a lovely lovely Mum x

  4. Have just popped over from just pootling having seen your comments. Your daughters looked absolutely beautiful what proud days they must have been for you all,


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