Tuesday, 7 May 2013

52 weeks of happy - 19/52

Linking in again with Jen it's time to share my 52 weeks of happy post with you - my favourite four happy smiley moments are:-

1. after school snacks in the garden...............

2.blossom on my plum tree - it didn't flower last year

3. the fun you can have with a bucket................

4. my new book - Bunty Annual 1979 - the year that Kate was born............

hope you all have a lovely sunny happy week

talk soon x


  1. My son was born in 1979 too. Lovely pictures and my latest post is all about the lovely Giveaway you sent me. Hope you pop in to Chalkys to see my VERY big thank you
    Love Linda

  2. Just found your blog via Linda. I loved Bunty as a girl, very fond memories!


  3. Lovely happy things. My daughter can often be found in a bucket too!

  4. Glad you found my blog so that I could join yours! Decopatch is instant fun isn't it?! Jo x

  5. Hello, thanks for leaving a comment on my 'happy' post, your happies are lovely - it is good to see blossom on the fruit trees at last. 1979 - the year I got married - where does all that time go?:)

  6. The bucket picture made me laugh! My two still try to get in the washing basket and pretend it's a boat, even though they are far too big for it now. Great happy moments. x

  7. Lovely happies ... and I was a 1979 baby too ... Bee xx


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