Saturday, 11 May 2013

baking - rather a lot of fairy cakes

After my super quick lemon cake earlier in the week I did a bit of what I call proper baking yesterday. Weeks ago my daughter Vicky mentioned that one of her friends had asked if I could make her 50 little fairy cakes for the 10th May. I said I would and they were going to get back to me with more details - they both forgot. I remembered early on Thursday morning that the cakes were required for Friday - a quick phone call to check I hadn't imagined it all and the order was confirmed. Small cakes with a swirl of vanilla butter cream - not too much and could they be decorated with something red and look pretty! Luckily I had some tiny red hundreds and thousands, small edible pearls and silver cake glitter. I have been stocked up with pretty glittery things since the Cake and Bake Show.

On Thursday afternoon I baked 50 little cakes for Vicky's friend, an extra 34 for the freezer and 4 sponge sandwich cakes also for the freezer - to be turned into birthday cakes for Finn and Noah next week.

On Friday morning I decorated the 50 cakes which were being collected by Vicky at 10am  - I started icing not much after 7am  - but luckily they turned out OK phew what a busy morning................

plain sponge cakes and buns for the freezer - and decorated ones for Vicky .......

I did have to taste one to make sure they were up to scratch - then all packed into cake boxes ready for collection.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend, fingers crossed the sun shines it's been so wet, cold and dreary here...............

talk soon x


  1. Well that is one very industrious pair of hands you have there Sue - full marks to you, the results look lovely. Joy

  2. Yummy cakes and I love the red sprinkles.
    Anne xx

  3. Oh, beautiful!! And looks very delicious, too :-)). Now I have a surprise for you, dear Sue: An award :-). Please look here:
    Happy weekend!! xxx Nata

  4. They look real yummy. You are clever and so well organised.

    J xx

  5. They're so pretty, Sue. Nice job.

  6. Wow! I am very impressed! :o)

  7. Wonderful... What a lovely Mum x

  8. As you know my name is Susan, and I have a daughter called Victoria!.......and she and I love cakes too.....coincidence..i think so....hahahaha.
    You are obviously a very organized baker, I mean you have cake boxes and all. Yum again!

  9. And just like that you made up FIFTY cupcakes?! Your daughters of course realize that they have one special mom to pull that off ;) Enjoy your weekend ... ours has been chilly and overcast, but the sun is peeking through now at 6pm! Wendy

  10. Tummy's rumbling now! They look fab!

  11. Wow you were busy, they look very lovely indeed!

  12. Lovely cakes...what a huge amount to make at did a great job! I like the red sprinkles!
    Helen x

  13. They look scrumptious... exactly what I need for Grace's upcoming birthday party :)


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