Monday, 13 May 2013

Jake - budding artist...................

Kate and Seb took Jake to the Whitechapel Gallery over the weekend - the Gallery is a touchstone for contemporary art internationally, it plays a central role in London’s cultural landscape.

Jake had lots of fun and was very interested in the exhibits - I wonder if he is going to take after his mum.......................

With beautiful galleries, exhibitions, artist commissions, collection displays, historic archives, education resources, inspiring art courses, dining room and bookshop, the Gallery is open all year round, so there is always something free to see.

I hope to visit the gallery when I'm next in London it looks amazing...................

talk soon x


  1. Looks like a fab day out. I love visiting galleries plenty to see and lots to learn x

  2. How wonderful to take a little one for a day out in a gallery - much better than a soft play (noisy) date!

  3. That looks like a very nice place to visit. He clearly enjoyed himself. :)

  4. How gorgeous is Jake! I always tried to take Alice to as many art galleries as possible when she was little and still do, especially to the interactive spaces and where she could spend some time being creative xxx Penny

  5. Thanks for stopping by. Love the look of this gallery and how London really champions the edgy stuff - I miss that. Cute pics of the bubs!

  6. Well Jake is well on his way...if that chalk board is all is own work.....:-)
    I love a good gallery!

  7. How sweet - Jake looks totally immersed in that first piece of art. Joy


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