Friday, 31 May 2013

sunshine has arrived......................

It's a lovely bright morning and I am abandoning my job list for now and sitting in the garden. I started off just sitting, relaxing and reading this months Simply Crochet magazine, nibbling sumptuous summer berries but my mind kept wandering to my ripple blanket - I really don't like it anymore.

So after taking a deep breath in I started to undo it - I feel so much better now.....................

I still love the cotton and the colours but I will have to think of a new project and make sure I calculate how much yarn I need this time.

have fun in the sun - talk soon x


  1. Oh that must have taken a lot of courage Sue but I do understand there are times when we just have to bite the bullet and do it!
    They are such lovely colours - I'll be looking forward to seeing what you turn them into!
    Joy x

  2. oh my!!!
    what will it be next???
    xxxx Ale

  3. We are into our second day of a hot, muggy sunshiny day here too! I often sit on the patio and look at my garden, and it's never long before I'm up out of my comfy seat and pulling weeds or trimming a bush! What a shame that you weren't happy with the blanket. The colours are so soft and pretty, and I hope you can find a project that suits them (and you!) very well. It's hard ripping out, but if you weren't happy with how it was going, it would only frustrate you every time you looked at it. Enjoy your weekend, and I hope Mr. Sun stays with you! Wendy :)

  4. It looks like a nice way to spend some hooky time. Good for you starting over, that takes courage. You will love it even more knowing you did that.

  5. What joy to sit in this glorious weather. Personally I think that despite you pulling all that effort down to a single thread, your gut will take you to the right project. It's funny when we know we are not happy with things bit we still carry on, so I think we'll done is in order for listening to your gut and the rewards will ge endless with a very beautiful pastel creation. Hopefully all this beautiful weather will inspire the mind. Xo

  6. I rarely rip back. But when I do I console myself that it will be better next time. Enjoy choosing....

  7. What a shame! but if it wasn't going the way you wanted it was the only thing to do. Such pretty colours I'm sure you will think of something beautiful a cushion perhaps, have a great weekend :)

  8. Oh I never know how much yarn to use...
    Looks so lovely too and such pretty yarn and colours Mx

  9. I think you have done exactly the right thing. I throw my unhappy pieces into the cupboard if doom for a while but whenever I take them out again I always feel just the same and they have to be ripped back. I hope you soon find a project that makes your heart sing

  10. Sometimes it is the only way! Love to see what you decide on. Jo x

  11. Ooh that was a brave decision. But sometimes it needs to be done! Good luck coming up with your new project :)
    Jones x

  12. Gosh that was brave! But totally the right thing to do if it's not working for you. No point spending hours on something when your heart isn't in it. x


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