Thursday, 5 September 2013

My lovely trip - part one......................

I spent four lovely days staying with Kate and was thoroughly spoilt. The weather stayed warm and sunny, we went out most days but nothing too exhausting so that we had lots of free time for crafting at home.

Jake was delightful and we had lots of fun playing with toy cars, Lego, and his new favourite toy, tiny Thomas the Tank engines which his Auntie Laura had bought for him.

Kate cooked some amazing new dishes which were yummy but very healthy too and I did a little spot of baking and made some mini currant buns and chocolate chip buns, guess which Jake liked the best?

On Thursday we took the tube to High Street Kensington and Kate took me to Wholefoods which is an amazing store with wonderful organic food and an enormous array of different food stuffs, home ware and goodies plus it's own cosmopolitan restaurant.

We decided to have lunch in the Market Restaurant and were spoilt for choice so much yummy whole food on offer - Kate decided on some tasty Mexican food and I had a delicious noodle and chicken dish.
 we spent some time gazing at the not so healthy cakes and cookies on offer but all were made from amazing ingredients..............
 even more time was spent looking at the awesome savouries....................
 sumptuous fresh fruit and vegetables.............

 we did have rather a heavy bag of shopping to take home with us - and we met even more temptation at the tube station...................

talk soon x


  1. We have a Whole Foods about 30 minutes away and I love it. There are so many wonderful things to try, and yummy, yummy food.
    Glad you likes it.

  2. Whole Foods - I love love love. I have only been to one in Sonoma in California, I so wish they were all over England too and not just in London. Perhaps one day:) You never know. Hope that you loved it as much as I would have - certainly looks like you did. I hope that all you bought to sample was divine - and that those cupcakes were too! Thanks for sharing yummy pics, but not so thanks for making me hungry!!

  3. I have a Whole Foods right down the street and I love it so much! I don't shop there often, it's a little too expensive for my everyday budget, but when I want something special, or a nicer-than-usual cut of fish or meat, it's my go-to place. I'm glad you enjoyed your visit. :)

  4. It looks like you had a wonderful few days away. Food definitely looks mouth watering.

    Sally xxx

  5. Following your foody blog post - great read by the way - I have posted the flapjack recipe you were after. Hope you like it. Jo x

  6. Well, Sue, I'm well-and-truly dribbling after that post!!! Mmmmmmm - look at all that savoury yumminess..... and THEN all those AMAZING cakes!!! Looks like a great time was had!!! :-)


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