Wednesday, 4 September 2013

yarn along - bright and breezy snood....................

I'm back, sorry that I haven't posted since last Wednesday I went to visit Kate in London for a few days (I have lots to share with you about my trip) but unfortunately since coming home I've been unwell. I will have to catch up with Tuesday's 52 weeks of happy post later in the week. Today I am back on track and joining in with Ginny's Wednesday yarn along.

I was chatting with Alex over the weekend trying to get some ideas for Christmas knits and he asked for a new snood. After rummaging around in my yarn drawers he choose an unusual combination of coral and aqua coloured yarn. I tried to dissuade him as I wasn't sure about the colours he had chosen, the yarn was DK so I explained that we really needed something thicker but he quickly came up with the idea of knitting them together. He also thought that the snood was for him to wear now so was quite anxious for the knitting to begin. I couldn't disappoint my  "best boy" so my new colourful project commenced.

I am surprised how nice it has knitted up, Alex must have an eye for colour, although I can't quite see it going with his school uniform or football kit.

I have just started quite a gripping novel "Close my Eyes" by Sophie McKenzie, which is another book recommended by my daughter Kate. It's a heartbreaking story about Geniver who had a stillbirth eight years ago and is still grieving. Her husband Art, an influential and successful businessman wants to try IVF. Out of the blue a woman turns up at her door claiming that Gen's child was in fact born healthy and was stolen, and furthermore that her husband was involved. So far it's tense and seems to be full of false leads, revelations and danger.

It's lucky that the snood is simple garter stitch as I'm finding it hard to put this book down.

A big thank you to everyone that reads and follows my blog, I received so many lovely comments about my new granny square blanket last week, you all really spur me on to keep creating new projects, I have made a few more granny squares but the blanket's on the back burner at the moment as I am trying to rotate my knitting and crochet so that I don't aggravate my shoulder. I will post an update when I have more to show you and don't forget if you have time to pop over to read Ginny's lovely blog here

talk soon x


  1. Sorry to hear that you are not feeling your best Sue, I hope things pick up soon. Looks as though your knitting is keeping your busy though, very creative to knit with two yarns at once. I struggle with one! Hope you enjoy the rest of your book, it's good to have lots on the go so you can ring the changes isn't it. Take care of yourself.

  2. Hope you are feeling better soon, although its very sweet that you are making a snood for your boy to wear now. Those are colours I normally wouldn't put together but they do knit nice he must have an eye for colour!!

    That book sounds quite interesting, I have been meaning to get a new book to read! I might try this one!

  3. Sorry to hear that you've not been so well, get lots of rest and hopefully you'll pick up again soon. Your book so really interesting, I was hook on just the few word you wrote about it. take care .
    Clare x

  4. I love the coral and aqua together and the way the colors are working in the knitting. The book sounds very interesting. I'll add it to my list and take a closer look soon. Hope you're feeling much better soon.

  5. I will post the flapjack recipe this week - it is really good. Jo x

  6. I love a good yarn along! Get well soon. Laura x

  7. I hope you are feeling better again soon Sue! It's wonderful that Alex has such good sense of colour - they do look gorgeous together, to my mind!
    Gosh, what a story that is Sue - I don't know if my emotions could take such a read but I would be very interested to know how it works out, all the same! I do hope the husband wasn't involved - you see - I'm into it already .... ....
    Joy x

  8. Read that book earlier this year and was riveted. It's a heartbreaking ride. I'd be interested to hear what you think of the end though.

  9. I hope you are feeling better soon! Can't wait to see the pictures of the trip to London. Love how the colours work together. Can't wait to see what it looks like finished.
    Thanks for linking at Crochet Addict UK

  10. Hope you soon feel 100%. Loving all your posts

  11. I like those colours! Seeing that I tend to wear a lot of grey in winter, this would look fab to add a pop of colour. I hope you're feeling better now.


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