Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Easter Sunday......................................

We had such a good Easter - my house was bursting at the seams with 16 adults and 11 children. Lots of cooking, baking, chatting, eating, playing and merriment was had by all. I love having my three daughters home with all the little ones in tow. I am a very lucky mum and nana to have such a lovely family. The party included four generations my mum, mother in law, sisters, brother in law, sister in law and many cousins which added to the fun. 
The weather was quite kind to us as it stayed dry but the sun was not persuaded to shine. The children were amazing and played in the garden for hours without many cross words which was a bonus and so lovely to see everyone get on so well together. The age span was from 2 up to 11 so quite a range, eight boys and three girls. Football was heavy on the agenda and penalty shoot outs a firm favourite. Mia helped organise an egg and spoon race and Nicole was great with the little ones. Daisy was eager to join in the rough and tumble as she is used to this with having two big brothers.

We had to put the Easter chocolate somewhere safe after the Easter egg hunt as the bags were brimming with goodies. The children were good though and didn't over indulge.
Even though the weather wasn't perfect we took a risk and had our first BBQ of the year which was a great success. I couldn't quite believe how many sausages and burgers were eaten and it was such a good job that I had a reserve supply of sausages. Running around the garden for hours certainly gave everyone an appetite.

For pudding I had lots of help from Laura who made some fabulous birds nest buns, crispy marshmallow bunnies and her signature rocky road. I added to the sweet treats with meringues, cupcakes and jam and clotted cream scones. As you can see no one went hungry.

My house was filled with daffodils, tulips and hyacinths, plus lots of little Easter touches, bowls of brightly coloured eggs, a little Easter Tree and I filled a wicker hamper and glass jars with chocolate Easter treats. In between cooking I managed to crochet some sweet crochet baskets which I filled with chocolate eggs and hung on another little tree. Laura made some amazing egg bunnies which she filled with little sweet treats - I adore them.
Now that Easter is all over I feel quite sad that I've had to put all my decorations away for another year. Although I have an enormous bag of Easter egg chocolate in the cupboard as a reminder - not sure what we will do with it all as I am trying so hard to drop a few pounds before my summer holiday.

Hope you all had a fun Easter too and thank you for your lovely comments on my recent posts. I have been overwhelmed with your messages of support and good wishes. You have really made me feel so much more confident with my new business venture. I'm sorry I haven't been able to answer you all individually but I am finding it a bit difficult to keep up, I promised myself some time last week to catch up with blog land but I didn't manage to do everything I wanted too. This week is going to be busy too as my grandchildren are back at school, daughter's are back at work and I help with some child minding and collecting from school. Thursday sees the start of my next beginners crochet workshops, and on Saturday I am running a crochet flower workshop. So not much time for resting which as you know I need to build into my days. Life feels busy but fun at the moment so keep your fingers crossed that my workshops continue to be popular and that my health doesn't dip.

talk soon x


  1. Ah lovely! My kind of Easter. Our family always gathers too. A while back some-one took the notion to line all my parents' grandchildren up in height order for a photo. This has now become a tradition. At first it was my children followed by the younger cousins..... however over the years my son (years the tallest) has moved progressively down the line as younger male cousins shoot past him.

    This photo line is always quite long as I'm the eldest of six, and the grand"children" ages now run from 25years down to 22months! It'll get confusing when the next generation start to appear!

  2. Oh Sue, what a marvellous Easter you've had - it rivals a big Christmas celebration! You are lucky indeed to have such a big, fun family! The crochet baskets are adorable!
    Enjoy the teaching - make sure it continues to make you *happy* and doesn't cause too much anxiety (I tell myself this so I thought I'd share these words with you, too!). We'll be here in Blogland to cheer, encourage and support! (Crochet basket workshop, perhaps?) Chrissie xxx

  3. It sounds and looks like you had a great Easter. The sun is shining here today as I get everything back to normal after the Easter break - and I hope you get to enjoy it too. x

  4. What a beautiful Easter you had and I loved seeing this through the eyes of you as a Nana. We sadly live away from all of our extended family but I really really hope that I will be able to enjoy these celebrations with the future generation as you have here. Just lovely. Mel x

  5. What a perfect day you all had - how lovely. You can never have too many days like that !
    Have a good week Sue,
    Kate x

  6. This reminds me of the Easter gatherings my family used to have up until a few years ago. The grandchildren have all grown now, and the egg hunts are no longer, although a few of us still get together for an Easter dinner which is nice. Your family life sounds so lively and fun all the time!! The photos you've put together here show such a wonderful array of fun treats that I'm sure your grandkids will remember fondly as they grow older. Love the little crocheted baskets, and think I might try something like that in knitting ... so cute! I'm glad the workshops are going well and that it's something you're enjoying too. It's nice when "work" is so much fun. Have a great week Sue! Wendy x

  7. What lovely fun packed day Sue. All the Easter treats look delicious.
    Jane x

  8. Seeing your photos and reading your post makes me really look forward to the time when my children are grown up and bring their little ones around for a lovely day. We have no family near us and I miss such gatherings a lot. I am sure the little ones will help you with the chocolate eggs! x

  9. Goodness me what a lot of treat. Looks like a fab day was had by all. Jo x

  10. Wow! What an amazing Easter! Lovely baskets and bunnies. The children will have wonderful memories of this special family time.

  11. What a special day you all that will be remembered for a very long time. I really enjoyed reading about your day and viewing your photos :-) Thank you
    Tracey xx

  12. It looks like you had a completely adorable Easter! Glad it was a good day!

  13. How wonderful - real family times, lots of love and fun to share around! I'm so glad that everything is going so delightfully well for you Sue but please be careful to look after yourself! Love, Joy xo

  14. WOW,obviously a very good time was had by all.Fab pics,LOVE those lil crochet baskets.


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