Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Yarn along - crochet flowers

I'm still having fun making crochet flowers which is a good job as I've had a commission for a little bundle of them. I've used DK sublime yarn and it has made lovely flowers, the detail shows up really well. A lady had seen my flower workshop advertised and contacted me to see if I would crochet some flowers for her daughter. I think she is going to use the flowers to embellish some of her daughters clothes and add them to pretty headbands.

I feel quite guilty that I have been joining in with Ginny's yarn along but I haven't read a novel for ages. Thankfully I have just started a new book, it's written by Sarah Butler "Ten Things I've Learnt About Love" - Laura bought it me a few weeks ago when I was unwell but I have to confess it has stayed next to my bed until now. It's early days I'm only a few chapters in so I will tell you more about the book next week.

I finished my crochet flowers this morning and was very pleased to parcel them up.................

All ready to go, I also added a little hair bobble which I made as an extra and a few chocolate treats............

I hope they arrive safely.

talk soon x


  1. How lovely! I hope that your client is very happy with them! xx

  2. So pretty in pink, Anna will love them!

  3. They are such gorgeous colours. I love sublime, it really does crochet up lovely and like you say shows the detail. They will be adored :) xx

  4. Those flowers just made me smile!!! Your work is so pretty! A beautiful day to you tomorrow! Nicole xoxo

  5. Absolutely beautiful Sue, I love your packaging especially the colours.

  6. How thoughtfully it was put together Sue, it will be a joy for your client or her daughter to open
    :-) Tracey xx

  7. Beautiful flowers, I love them and the colors. Love Tinie

  8. Sue the flowers are beautiful, you did a great job.

  9. Your flowers are so beautiful Sue! Such pretty packaging too. Happy Easter to you and yours! S xo

  10. What a beautiful package - that's going to make a little girl very happy indeed!

  11. Gorgeous and so beautifully packaged! I I've recently started blogging, how do you make the leap from blogging to selling ? I'd love to do that, not just for the profit made but the joy of creating something for someone else :)
    It would be lovely to see you over at

  12. What lovely flowers, really pretty shades of pink.

  13. your crocheted flowers are so gorgeous. you are right, the sublime yarn is just perfect for them
    the lady who ordered them is bound to be impressed

  14. I love crochet flowers,your are gorgeous.I have yet to master one lol.


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